10 Ideas on How A Stay Home Mother Can Turn A Bad Day Around

June 5, 2018 0

There are bad days, and then there are legendary bad days. Especially for the stay-at-home moms who face all kinds of challenges on a daily basis. Most of the time, you even fail to think of the fact that you have been blessed with yet another beautiful day to live and enjoy life. Instead of wallowing in your bad days, here are some great tips and beautiful ideas that you can use to turn your bad day around.

1. Be thankful

You can do this by thinking of five things that you are grateful for in this life. Then start imagining what would happen if you didn’t have these five beautiful things in your life. What would happen? Chances are that you are probably going to be more grateful and cheery for having them.

2. Center yourself

Why don’t you try out some stretches? Take deep breaths; in and out, and repeat this phrase in your head, out loud, too if you feel like, “It will all pass” many times. Then start thinking of your home, your kids, family, friends, all the good thoughts.

3. Set your timer for ten minutes

You are probably thinking of all the things happening around your home at the same time. Things like the house being a mess, having to wash your kids, not having had a shower yourself, the laundry waiting for you, etc. You may get overwhelmed. You can avoid this by setting some 10-minute break time with your kids or for yourself to free your mind of all that stress. Then get back to work fresh.

4. Find joy in music

Music calms both the mind and soul. You just need to find the right tune and track that calms you down and see bad day and stresses melt away just like that. Turn on some music and dance to the tune. Relax a little.

5. Determine your frustrations and put them aside for a while

Look for that something that is really frustrating you and put it aside for some time. You don’t have to deal with everything at the same time, even if you may want to. Put some issues aside. You can always come back to address them later.

6. Get outside

You can also decide to just go outside and let some fresh air pass through your body. Maybe even organize a little picnic lunch with your kids and have some family time. You will love it.

7. Shake up your day

You can also opt to try out something that you usually wouldn’t do. Like, try out something that you would normally refuse on any day. It will definitely get your mind working and off all of the stress.

8. Help someone else

Most of the time, you will find that the best way that you can stop focusing on yourself is by helping someone else either with his/her chores or just hanging out. You will end up having a good time and be stress-free. At least for that moment.

9. Trust your intuition; put down those parenting books

Sometimes, you may do well by just trusting your instincts. Put down those parenting books you are always reading. Most of them can only end up stressing you for no reason at all.

10. Forgive yourself

Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect, moms included. Sometimes it’s just good to be at peace with yourself and others. Forgive yourself and others around you. You will definitely feel some burden being lifted off your shoulders.

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