10 Moving Tips That Will Hasten Your Child’s Adjustment to A New Home

July 18, 2018 0

Moving to a new house or relocating to a new neighborhood can be time consuming and exhausting. The stress increases, especially if you don’t have a proper moving plan setup and you also have small kids during that time. To ensure a smooth moving process you need to seek the assistance of Edmonton movers.  It doesn’t really matter whether you are moving across continents to just across town, the process can demand a lot from you as a parent.

It’s usually harder for children. They will find it harder to lose the friends they already have and even much harder to meet new ones in your relocated area. Waking up in a new place will also feel strange for them for sometimes. For that reason, they may find it difficult to sleep. The older kids usually get angry and/or sad while the younger kids can develop regression or get clingy. This article explains how you and your kids can easily adapt to moving to a new home without any issues.

1. When announcing the move

You need to be adequately prepared for any form of reaction from your kids. Some may get sad while others show angry emotions. In as much as you may think that moving is for the best for you family, your child may think otherwise. After all, he/she didn’t make the decision to move. You did.

2. Get enough sleep

Prior to the actual moving day, you need to get enough rest. You will need all your strength for the next day. The whole moving process may end up stressing you and you may end up expressing some of the stress to your child unnecessarily which you don’t want to do.

3. Inform your child on what to expect


You can also take some time and talk to your child about what to expect during and after the move. You can even visit the new place before the actual move with your child to make him/her familiar with the environment earlier on. Familiarize yourself and your child with your soon-to-be new home.

4. Make a moving book

Make the move a wonderful and memorable process by taking photos, printing them, and then bind them together to make a kind of notebook for your family. Your kids will love it. start from the home you are about to move from and go all the way to your new home.

5. Honor grief

Let your kids express their emotions and feelings about the moving process. They are expressing their grief over having to leave their friends and home that they were used to behind after all.

6. Give them some control


You can also let your child take part in the moving process. Like letting them choose the color to paint their rooms, or where to put the furniture in the new home. Making them feel involved can make moving a little easier for the children.

7. Don’t change their schedule, if you can

Try and not interfere with their daily schedules even after the move as much as you can. If your child was still sleeping in a crib, don’t transition him/her to a toddler bed.

8. Set up your kid’s rooms first

Make their room the first place you start organizing. Make it lively and safe for them to get into even as you continue unpacking everything else.

9. Plan some fun activities with your children

As soon as you settle in your new place, try and look for some fun activities to enjoy with your children. You can order pizza, go to the playground, go for walks, get them new toys, etc.

10. Help them to stay in touch

You can also help your child stay in touch with his/her friends from the previous area you moved from. Moving can be really painful especially for kids. Don’t let them feel alone all over sudden. Communicating with their friends can help make the whole transition process easier.

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