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Countdown to the Weekend: 3/15/12

Let me just say it was the kind of week where I had to listen to park audio every. single. day. In other words, not too great. But the weather was pretty awesome. It’s like we shifted straight into summer, and I’m looking forward to enjoying more of it this weekend. (Not to mention, Newsies started its previews. Did you read my pep poem?!) Despite the excitement of the soft opening of Storybook Circus, my Google Reader has felt a little empty this week. But nonetheless, here are a few of the links I got a kick out of the most:

  • Melissa Sue of Mouse on the Mind talks with Shane and Kirk about their attempts to shatter the Guinness world record of hours spent on a theme park ride during One More Disney Day. Gotta love the dedication here.
  • First of all, congrats to Mitch (@imagineeringdis) on his new baby boy! And also, uh, props for most interesting way of introducing your bundle of joy to the world with Walt Disney’s Story of Menstruation cartoon. Yes, I watched it. And wow. As if being a girl wasn’t bad enough… who knew there was once a rumor that taking showers during your period was bad for you? Learn that and other interesting (?) tidbits in about 10 minutes.
  • Back to happier moments. There was a ton written about Storybook Circus this week but I really enjoyed Suzannah’s look at the details. I can’t say I was too psyched about this section of new Fantasyland initially but now I can’t wait to see it for myself.
  • My lovely blogger friend Julia, writer of weddings, DIY, and awesome food, posted some awesome pictures of the Disney-inspired painting she did in her new craft room. I am so so so impressed. (And want to do one of my own!)
  • And last but not least, if you are interested in running a half marathon in Disney, this is the read for you. I’m so proud of Sarah from Running at Disney for all she accomplished a few weekends ago, and she chronicled so many details (and pictures!) during her Princess Half Marathon recap.

Podcast(s) of the week: For some reason I had a lot of time to catch up on podcasts this week. The two I’m going to choose are from WDW Today. The more I think about it, this is a great podcast for newer visitors to the parks. The episodes are never too long, and everyone on the panel shares a lot of knowledge and hands-on experience. (I mean, hey, it’s even great for a seasoned WDW traveler like me… I am always hearing something new.) Anyway, I was intrigued by these two episodes because of the research that went into getting the information: Episode 1002 When to Book ADRs and Episode 1006 Resort Report Card. I really had no idea that restaurants in DHS tended to be on the cheaper side (#1002) and it was great to hear how the resorts ranked on each level (#1006).

And can we just talk about these new Disney Cruise line Dooney & Bourke designs? Because I love them. Even if my husband says they look like a mermaid blew up. What does he know anyway? (I am so getting one in June!)

Happy weekend friends! Thanks for joining me this week!

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