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Countdown to the Weekend: 3/23/2012

Another week comes to a close, and sadly, it was a week of very little blogging. It’s been a busy week at work and at home so I know it’s been a little quiet on THP but lots of exciting posts come up next week! Hope you all have a great weekend planned and are excited to watch your  sparkley new The Muppets DVDs. I know I am! Despite the hectic schedule of, I did find some time to keep up with my Disney reading… barely. Here are a few that stood out to me:

  • The folks at Parkeology write some of my most favorite posts. They are witty and fun and I never, ever want to skip over a thing they post. Here’s a great little diddy on the Storybook Circus!
  • Melissa from Making Memories is back with a great post about how the Muppets have impacted her life. A lovely personal post.
  • Leave it to the hipsters to bring joy into my blog reading time. This time? An original song about Living with the Land. My husband and I were humming this all night.
  • A really sweet tribute about Robert Sherman, written by his son. I’ll admit a shed a few tears while reading this, and then I finally got on Amazon and bought the Sherman Brothers documentary. I can’t wait for Netflix to make it part of their instant streaming offering any longer.
  • Did you miss the Newsies cast on Good Morning America at the crack of dawn on Thursday? Great solid performance! They were certainly celebrating the SHOCKING extension of their show… now playing until August 19. Don’t forget to look for tickets at!

And HOW exciting was the Epcot 30th merchandise post on the Disney Parks blog? Certainly made me excited for my October trip! (Do you realize my last two Friday posts ended with a comment about shopping? ha!)

See ya on Monday!

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Estelle is a Disney enthusiast with a soft spot for Muppets, theatre, and small details. She thinks Animal Kingdom is a full day park, the BoardWalk feels like home, and nothing is better than watching Illuminations. When she's not writing about Disney, she enjoys hanging out with her cat and her husband, having adventures in Queens, New York. She can also be found geeking out over books at Rather Be Reading Blog.

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