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My Family Went to WDW & All I Got Were These Text Messages

My Family went to WDW and all I got were these text messages

These three individuals have been traipsing around the grounds of Walt Disney World for almost a week, and didn’t invite me.

No big deal or anything.

It’s just my sister, my dad, and my mom. (Keep in mind this picture is a few years old… hair styles have changed, so have  their glasses.) They are just my blood relatives. Whatever.

Since I’m an adult with certain responsibilities (and limited vacation days) I was the receiver of many text messages and a half hour Face Time conversation near the pool at the BoardWalk. (Gotta love technology.) So it felt like I was right there.

Only I was sitting in a freezing cold office, wearing a dress, and listening to park audio. Instead of eating at the House of Blues, waiting for Fantasmic, and having a drink in World Showcase.

Again. No. Big. Deal.

But since they still get one more day of vacation, I thought I’d take a moment to share a few of the text messages courtesy of my sister. I mean, if they can go on a trip without me (and have been for years now) then I can totally share these messages, right?

That’s what I thought.

Those are the highlights.

(And now you know how incredibly quirky my family can be.)

Add in the daily emails from my mom sharing their delicious breakfasts and well, I was ready to get my teleportation device in motion.

I’d feel a little less bad if I knew they brought me home a new Muppet shirt…

…so only time will tell.

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Estelle is a Disney enthusiast with a soft spot for Muppets, theatre, and small details. She thinks Animal Kingdom is a full day park, the BoardWalk feels like home, and nothing is better than watching Illuminations. When she's not writing about Disney, she's taking out a record number of books from the library and reviewing fiction at Rather Be Reading Blog.

Rich TAugust 21, 2012 - 1:01 pm

Awsome! :)

I love how text conversations have become these little snapshots of unfolding events! I hate to delete them!

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