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Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Tale as Old as Time…

I’ve never actually watched an episode of Mad Men, but I’ve seen enough commercials to wish that working in an office (which I do) would look as glamorous as it does on the show (which it doesn’t). In that same regard, I have never been to a Dapper Day event at the Disney Parks, but it is definitely on my to-do list! When it comes to what I would wear on such an occasion, I immediately wondered, “What would Belle wear, if she was a sassy secretary of the 1950s?”

But then I realized, I would have to also wear this ensemble myself so after a few choice changes, I came up with this outfit.

Dapper Day: Belle


I mirrored this look after her famous yellow ball gown despite being a bit shaky on whether or not I can even pull off this shade of yellow. (But hey, this is a dream right?) I just loved the crisscross of the top and the cute sleeves! To add a bit more of a Belle feel to the dress, I found a cute rose ring so if you were a Disney fan, you’d know which Princess I was emulating. Also for an elegant touch, I added a hat which I call the “Kentucky Derby Hat” and while I am sure they do have a proper name, that is what they remind me of! Now this is where Belle ends and I begin. To beat the heat, I added fun heart sunglasses! Also, if you knew me, you’d know that I do not wear heels. My feet were not made for them AT ALL. So instead, I decided on red Chuck Taylors which is not a far stretch from the grey ones I wear with all my work dresses now…. They are comfy, what can I tell ya?

So let me just grab my purse (which will undoubtedly hold a little chipped tea cup!) and I am ready to tour Walt Disney World in style!

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About Michelle

Michelle grew up surrounded by Disney characters and movies. As an alumni of the College Program, she has Disney’s Wishes constantly looping in her head when it isn’t filled with Alan Menken music. She has a deep love for Donald Duck since they both have self-proclaimed short tempers and she may very well be the biggest fan of Beauty and the Beast. As a fan of listening to Disney news podcasts at work. Michelle is always planning her next trip to Disney World so she could spend hours riding her favorite attraction- The PeopleMover. Tweet her @fierypixiedust.

Rich TAugust 31, 2012 - 12:52 pm

Okay, as a guy who spends zero seconds a day thinking about clothes, I’m really in awe of people who can bring that much fun, thought and creativity to something like this! Naive question: are hats generally that expensive?

Disney Hipster AndrewAugust 31, 2012 - 4:18 pm

Love it! Great job Chelle! I wish I could pull this look off…

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Melissa SueSeptember 1, 2012 - 3:34 pm

OMG I love this outfit so much!! I should have asked one of you to dress me for this thing!

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