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Muppet Monday: Good Clean Fun

There’s one thing you have to love about the Muppets (if you don’t already love almost everything about them.)

A frog, a bear, a pig, and who-knows-what can be a star.

Even this guy: 

walter muppet

And so can your cleaning products:

The Muppet mops are singing a rendition of The Ames Brothers’ song “Rag Mop” from 1950. The Ames Brothers were a quartet of four brothers, and hey the Chipmunks even sang this song but I couldn’t even get through the first few seconds so I decided not to post it here. (Sorry Alvin!)

If you haven’t checked out season 1 of The Muppet Show yet, you should! Because you’ll find this skit in Episode 111 with special guest star Lena Horne. (It’s a real good one if you like Miss Piggy diva drama!)

Wishing you all a relaxing Labor Day!

And watch out of those inanimate objects in the house… you never know when they’ll break out into a song and dance.

(Picture from Muppet Wika)

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Estelle is a Disney enthusiast with a soft spot for Muppets, theatre, and small details. She thinks Animal Kingdom is a full day park, the BoardWalk feels like home, and nothing is better than watching Illuminations. When she's not writing about Disney, she enjoys hanging out with her cat and her husband, having adventures in Queens, New York. She can also be found geeking out over books at Rather Be Reading Blog.

Rich TSeptember 3, 2012 - 9:26 am

Love this skit!!! See, that’s the problem with today’s Swiffers — no personality! :)

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