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Under the (Theme Park) Lights: Disney Cute

When I looked up the definition of dapper this was the first answer I got:



(typically of a man) Neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.



Interesting that “typically of a man” was there, Yes? Well no matter, because this gal can get her dapper on too and don’t you know I found just the threads to do it in. I’ll admit that Dapper Day is new to me and while I’m not one of those who throw fashion out the window at Disney, I do tend to keep it simple for the parks. I do wear flip flops every day – never sneakers as my feet will sweat right out of them- and keep it simple with shorts, a twirly skirt and some type of sassy tee that may or may not have some Disney slogan on it. I look “Disney cute”.

The challenge of finding the perfect Disney Dapper Day outfit was intriguing. Should I go crazy and wear some pink, sparkly, fluffy concoction or keep it more my actual style? My actual style won and this is what I picked out.

I’ve had me eye on this dress from Nordstrom for some time and SCORE… it’s on sale. I know exactly what style of dress fits my body type best and this is it. It looks floaty and light, plus I have to have sleeveless. I’m hot all the time and I live in fickle New England. I adore the colors and print and now that it is on sale I’m so going to buy it.

I have a go-to fedora from Nordstroms that I love. I wear it constantly, in fact so much that I need a new one. When I went online to make the purchase it was sadly sold out. They do have a similar one so let’s try that one out for size. be warned it is from… the JUNIORS DEPARTMENT!

When the hat comes off have this little gem hidden underneath and you’ll be extra dapper and a little sparkly. Or just carry a bag big enough for every item in your home like I do and take the hat in case you need it. The headband is a must and yes I do plan on wearing it across the forehead hippy style.

Now for the most unpractical Disney shoe ever as well as a shoe so far out of my price range I’d have to be dreaming to buy them. In reality I’d spend hours looking for the bargain version of these but I love them so and must share.

There you have it… a dapper day outfit from me to you. Maybe someday I’ll get there and if I do, I’ll be ready!

Happy Dappering!

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