5 Awesome 40th Birthday Party Ideas to Throw for Your Spouse

June 20, 2018 0

So, your spouse has finally hit his/her 40th birthday. And to most people, that is usually a very important day in their lives. Not too many people get to live that long, for one. And having to live with someone you love throughout the good and trying times together is another blessing of its own. Which is why you are looking for something special to surprise him/her with. Most people would view age 40 as a transition to an older part of life and for that, you will feel the need to want to surprise your spouse with something he/she won’t ever forget. Well, lucky for you, you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of the top five awesome party ideas that you can throw for your spouse the moment he/she hits 40.

1. Spa breaks

You can organize a beautiful and relaxing spa session for your spouse for this special day. A spa break can help get most of the work stresses and other responsibilities off of your spouse’s head on this once in a lifetime special day. That beautiful massage, a glass of some good wine plus maybe some meditation sessions later on.

2. Football stadium helicopter tour

This birthday gift can especially bode well if your spouse is a huge football fanatic. Surprise them with special reservations for helicopter rides on this special day and see yourself turn into the partner of the year just for doing this. It will be an experience to remember. You may even go for a balloon flight, which is also another great choice. Take a tour of your city and see how everything looks like from above. You may even go over large water bodies or over mountains even. Make it a special day, and one to remember.

3. Hire a private chef for your dinner

On this special day, you can also choose to surprise your spouse by hiring a private chef to prepare your dinner. Food is most people’s passion, meaning that this birthday present is going to be most welcoming. Get a private chef to prepare you for the most deliciously amazing meal ever. You may even opt to surprise your spouse by asking the private chef to prepare something that the two of you have never eaten. It will be a new experience and on a special day. Your love will definitely grow and you will become even closer than ever after this.

4. Canape’s and cocktails

You can also organize a small canapes and cocktail party for your spouse for this special day. Invite your spouse’s friends over and let him/her have the time of his/her life and around the people he/she loves and cares about. You will have earned yourself some good points for organizing such an event.

5. Cooking class and brunch menu

So, instead of hiring a private chef, how about you organize for a cooking class for both you and your spouse on this special day? This gift is especially beautiful when offered to the males who may not be all that pros when it comes to cooking. This birthday gift will have them talking for a while.

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