5 Stupid Mistakes Made by Homeowners That Cost Them Their HVAC Warranty

July 27, 2018 0

The time has finally come for you to get a new HVAC system for your home. And you head over to a good store and get one. The first thing you will also get with the brand-new system is a warranty to cover certain air conditioning repair Oshawa for the system. A warranty can also help to replace any major parts of the HVAC system, faulty equipment parts and more.

What you may not realize about HVAC system warranties is that they can also be void if you’re not too careful with how you use the system. Most of the time, you find that people void their warranties inadvertently. But it never always matters. As long as you don’t take your time and read through the warranty terms and conditions of use, you are at risk of voiding your warranty. And the moment you void your warranty, you will be liable for any costly repairs and replacements of faulty parts of the system.

Here are some of the stupid mistakes that most HVAC system owners are known to make that void their warranty.

1. Failing to register the warranty

What usually happens with most people with new machines is the intense and explosive urge to want to get home immediately and fire it up. This is one reason why you find most people fail to realize that they actually need to register their warranties to make them active. Without activating your warranty when purchasing any equipment, your warranty could end up being void. There are instances where you may get some assistance with your HVAC system if it’s faulty. But managing to get the faulty equipment repaired later under warranty can be hectic and quite bothersome which may end up delaying your whole repair process.

2. Using off-brand replacement parts

All manufacturers of products such as HVAC systems are always looking to have only the original equipment manufacturer parts in their original equipment. The moment you decide to use a different off-brand replacement part for a faulty system part, then you will automatically void your warranty. There is also little chance that the off-brand system part won’t work on your HVAC system. In fact, chances are that their incompatibility can end up causing more problems to your system.

3. Improper HVAC system installation

If you notice that your HVAC system isn’t installed properly, it is vital that you contact the manufacturer of the system immediately for assistance. But if you opt to DIY the system’s installation, then end up installing it improperly altogether, that can be the onset of a myriad of problems for you. Your HVAC system can end up having a number of different problems throughout its life. All warranties stipulate that all system installations be done correctly. Anything done otherwise will void the warranty.

4. Lack of annual maintenance

Annual maintenance services for HVAC systems are important and necessary if you intend to keep your warranty for your system. There are a lot of maintenance services for HVAC systems that you might not be able to properly service. And the moment you neglect servicing your system, chances are super-high that your warranty will be void. Hire a well-trained technician to service your system and maintain your warranty.

5. Failing to provide relevant documentation of regular service

The moment you have a professional service your HVAC system, you must have it documented. Ensure that all maintenance services are documented and stored. Should any issue arise with your system, then the documented maintenance services can help you a great deal. Make everything work a lot smoother for you.

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