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About Estelle

Since my first trip in 1996, Disney has only had a positive influence on my life. Back then it was the absolute most fun place to hang out with my parents and read a trillion books, escaping the real world. During high school and college summers, it was a refuge, where I could regroup before jumping right back into being insanely busy and always thinking about “my future”.  While it’s definitely still all about the escape, I do get to enjoy it with my friends, explore with my husband, and just take a break from the daily grind.

I’m pretty big on collecting memories. I love old pictures. I have every single journal I wrote in as a kid. Every draft of a short story I wrote. Even the “picture books” I would read out loud to my principal in elementary school. Going to Disney World is sort of a culmination for all of that. When I get down there, it’s an entirely new experience but I can still walk into the BoardWalk and remember sitting on that bench with a certain someone, or staying up all night talking on the Yacht Club beach. My mom getting annoyed about a certain pair of shoes (oh geez, they were ugly) around the World Showcase, my sister and I trying to scare the crap out of a kid on the Haunted Mansion (we can be mean), my parents’ anniversary dinner at the Grand Floridian during a torrential lightning storm, and always ending our trip with hot dogs and BBQ dingers (they are my freaking favorite) at the ESPN Club.

There are those childhood memories I can relive, and now even the most grown-up like waking up to a gorgeous fog on the Seven Seas Lagoon from our balcony at Bay Lake Tower onnour honeymoon. Chip and Dale marrying us once again because we wore those silly hats. The list is positively endless. (And when non-believers don’t understand why I am “going there again” I wish I could explain it to them in that way.)

In many ways, starting and continuing to write for This Happy Place has been just about that. Taking all of those memories and the happiness associated with them (maybe the annoyances too) and giving them a place to stay forever. Or maybe just reliving them all over again.

Hi.My name is Estelle and I’m a total sap.

But don’t worry. I can also be sarcastic and kind of judgmental too. I won’t lie to you.

I’m also a perfectionist. An ex-band geek. A lover of Broadway and books. A shopaholic and I have way too many Vinylmations in my house. I love pizza and good beer.

Right now, I live in a small house on an island in New York. (Although in a few months that could be changing…) I ride  public transportation to get to work, always carry 2 books in my purse (can never be too careful), and love to write with mechanical pencils (and in Moleskin notebooks).

For a person who always acted 50 years old (my mom always tells me this), Disney has given me a reason to feel like a kid a lot of the time. (Even if I do have to do grown up things like work, and pay bills and such.)

Mostly, I’m happy hanging out with my husband and my 19-year old cat (who hates me) and finding some time to sleep. I write a lot –for a book review blog called Rather Be Reading and I also review local theater productions for I also want to write a young adult novel sometime soon.

All while listening to park audio, a lot of park audio… Seriously. It’s always on in my house.

That’s me in a nutshell. Looking forward to getting to know you too!

P.S. You can always find me on Twitter!

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