Seven Tricks on Having the Best Me Time With Your Children

June 10, 2018 0

As parents, you need to acknowledge the fact that not every day and every time that you spend with your kids is going to be perfect. Children are always a joy and a blessing to have in any family. But sometimes, as parents, you may end up getting so caught up with work and other important issues like bills and responsibilities that you ‘forget’ that you even have kids. But in truth, this isn’t very good upbringing of the kids. In fact, you will only be pushing your kids away indirectly. You may not notice it and think that you are working your butt off so that your family can have a good future. But little do you know that some problems might be brewing home. It is vital that, as parents, you always dedicate some special time for your kids, bond and have fun together. That being said, here are some few tricks that you can use to ensure just that.

1. Practice parenting meditation

You can start this practice of putting everything aside, sometimes, no matter how urgent of stressing it is, and have that parenting meditation time for your kids. This is that time where you get together with your kids and bond with each other. Understand each other, hear each other, and just be in that moment. It is awesome.

2. Take pajama walks

After those long stressful hours at work, you finally get home, take dinner and tuck in your pajamas. Only that instead of heading to bed, you and your kids go out for a little stroll. In your PJs. This habit can help bring you and your kids closer as you get to spend some alone time with them and interact with each other too.

3. Have a taco night

You may have had a long and stressful day at work. But what else is new? Every work day is always stressful. What you can do here is to surprise your kids one night and make it a taco night. They will love it. They will love you for that. And you will have helped to strengthen the bond that you have with your kids.

4. Fix it together

Things are always meant to be broken, right? And mended too. Only that this time, you have your kids help you with trying to fix some of the broken things in your home. It will be a fun and educative experience as well. Not to mention that it will offer some good bonding time with your kids.

5. Don’t drive everywhere

In as much as you will say that you have saved a lot of time and energy by driving both you and your kids from point A to point B, sometimes it may be just better to walk. Talk with your kids on the road. Let it turn into a little stroll between you guys. You will love the moment.

6. Play their games

You may think that you have outgrown some of the kid’s games you used to play back in the day when you were a kid yourself. But sometimes it may be great to try some of the games with your kids. For one, it will help relieve some of the stresses that you have plus you will have mad fun with your kids.

7. Serve icecream sundaes and popcorn

Surprise your kids one day when you’re from work with ice-cream and popcorn. Maybe even order a movie and watch with them till late in the night. It is that small gesture that can go a long way when it comes to bonding with your kids.

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