Muppet Monday: It’s Time to Play the Music

In the previous months, when Michelle and I were planning out the details of our blog, we had decided to include a Muppet Mondays section. And not because she likes them. (Yet another mystery of our friendship.) Yes, I am giving her the evil eyes from across town right now. Instead, I am the girl who screeched with excitement during their movie teaser the night we went to see On Stranger Tides. Of course, it was one of their promo spoofs and neither my husband or sister believed that it was indeed the Muppet preview. I was scared for a second, thinking um… is it possible Amy Adams and Jason Segel are in another upcoming movie together? And then there were the Muppets! (I did hear the people behind me giggling about how crazy I was. Oh well.)

I feel like I should probably explain the origin for my Muppet love in this first installment of Muppet Monday. Unfortunately, I don’t remember. As a child, I was an avid watcher of Muppet Babies. I even remember my mom buying the Life magazine when Jim Henson passed away. I’ve always been a fan of Muppets Take Manhattan, even had a movie marathon when Muppets’ Wizard of Oz premiered (may not have been the best movie but I still enjoyed it). Muppets Tonight! was also one of my must-watch shows. I loved that Katie Holmes and Joshua Jackson were in Muppets from Space – I was a huge Dawson’s Creek fan. Plus, Muppets Christmas Carol has become a movie tradition during the holidays. And I have never once said no to seeing Muppets 3D at Hollywood Studios even though I have the entire thing memorized by now. (One of my favorite lines is Gonzo exclaiming “forever?!” to a departing Bean. It’s a small moment but for some reason it has stuck with me. I say it a lot and my husband is the only one who gets it.)

Yes… we are wearing those silly hats! I couldn’t help it – my mom bought them for us!

Just like my love of Disney, my adoration for the Muppets comes from the same place. They were a part of my childhood and continue to provide me with laughter and entertainment I can experience with others. I’ve only just become curious about their history and how exactly everything came to be. (Thank God for Youtube!) In fact, my husband recently bought me Season 1 of The Muppet Show for my birthday, and we have learned just how much these characters were created to entertain the older kids. That in itself is pretty awesome.

My crazy quest to completely my vinylmation series!

So the Muppets and I don’t have a complicated history, but rather a simple one. They make me laugh. They are all about friendship. And the most important one of all, they exist and I love them. And holy crap, I cannot wait for the movie to come out in November!

* *

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P.S. Just to refresh your memory:

2 thoughts on “Muppet Monday: It’s Time to Play the Music

  1. I love the Muppets, too! Fond memories of The Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, and all the movies. Thanks for having Muppet Mondays!

  2. I remember watching The Muppets when I was younger, and finding Kermit and Miss Piggy HILARIOUS. Though I’m not the biggest Muppets fan, I’m certainly going to find this series interesting 🙂

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