Muppet Monday: The Raven Connection

I had originally planned on writing an entirely different post for this week’s Muppet Monday but unfortunately life and lack of time to research will have to push that one back. Don’t worry though! After watching a bunch of Separated at Birth episodes on my DVR yesterday and being subject to many commercials for State of Georgia (featuring my favorite gal, Raven Symone), boom! I was hit with some inspiration. (For the record, not a huge fan of SAB yet. At least the guys are better looking and the acting is of higher caliber than Secret Life of an American Teenager. I guess that’s not saying much though, huh?)

Anyway, back to Raven. I grew up watching her on The Cosby Show as Denise’s step-daughter, Olivia, and later on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (does anyone remember that one?), and then one of my top, top Disney Channel shows ever – That’s So Raven. Sing it with me – she can gaze into the futureee… okay, I’ll just sing by myself. It’s fine. Raven accompanied me during many late nights, writing and studying for college. The show’s writing wasn’t always the best (in fact, the last episode didn’t even air on the Disney Channel) but Raven is a true comic; she has the timing and facial expressions of Lucille Ball. (Her fabulousness has inspired my Twitter handle, as well [@thatsostelle!])

So imagine just how excited/enthralled/thrilled I was as I was clicking around YouTube on a slow Friday afternoon at work a few months ago and found this:

Raven and Kermit together. Heaven to me, folks. Fate! A dream freaking come true!


As I’m sure most know, Disney and the Muppets were planning to merge in the late 80s/early 90s. In preparation for this, the Muppets took over an episode of The Magical World of Disney and wreaked havoc through our favorite parks! I have only seen bits and pieces of this on YouTube, but someone needs to get this back on TV ASAP. (Movie-tie in, anyone?) Just imagining the Muppets in WDW sounds like a party, I’ll be honest. A ridiculous one. But I’d still want an invitation!

Even though Raven and Kermit have not collaborated since The Muppets at Walt Disney World, their careers have taken a similar path. Both took an extended break from show biz. (I think Kermit’s has been a little longer… just a tad.) But 2011 seems to be their year! Raven’s new show (State of Georgia, as I mentioned above) has recently premiered on ABCFamily (this is also waiting on my DVR) and Kermit is, I’m not sure if you heard about this, starring in a smallHUGEnotabigdeal movie on Thanksgiving Day.

Who knows maybe these new beginnings will mean a reunion for these two? We could only hope… but for now, we have YouTube to relish in the past. (And support them separately in their own projects, of course, until someone has the genius idea [mememe] to pair them up again!!)

Oh well, a girl can dream.

* * *
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