Muppet Monday: It’s Just the Thought of You

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with some girlfriends in a beachy paradise and I was trying to think of a way to incorporate that vacation-y feeling in Muppet Monday this week. My mind worked with this:

Key Largo -> Island in the Sun -> Weezer -> Keep Fishin’ video with the Muppets

I haven’t thought of this song in awhile; it totally reminds me of high school. But it’s still on my iPod and it’s a pleasant surprise when it pops during shuffle.

Basically, the members of the band dreamed of being the musical guest on The Muppet Show, which, in 2002, was long gone. But the Muppets recreated the set, and joined Weezer in a musical performance while Miss Piggy took the drummer hostage. (Typical.) It’s a really fun music video. I especially like the flying penguins at the end and the little smirky smile the lead singer has on during the whole thing. Oh, and Beaker loses his head. Literally.

What’s even better is that a short documentary was made alongside the creation of the video. (Apparently it aired on MTV2 – did you know today was MTV’s 30th birthday?) I haven’t seen it, but it seems like the normal Muppet hijinks with Pepe pretending to be the true director. Also, Rowlf has his first handful of dialogue in this documentary since Jim Henson died. That was news to me. I’m so used to watching the older movies that I didn’t notice he hasn’t had much of a role since 1990. (This was done out of respect for Jim Henson. Rowlf was actually the first Muppet and was featured on The Jimmy Dean Show. More on that later…)

And the Weezer-Muppet friendship continues today! They will be a part of Muppets: The Green Album, singing “The Rainbow Connection” with Hayley Williams from Paramore. The CD will be released on August 23.

…this might be a long shot but I kept thinking of the lyric — “it breaks my heart to see you hanging from your shelf” and how it relates to the Muppets in some way. Not having much going on those days and sort of just hanging around waiting for something to happen. The song is clearly not written about them, but funny how that line is so significant to their situation at the time. (And as Michelle pointed out… ironic how the song is not peppy and happy at all, but the Muppets sort of make it seem that way.)

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:

* * *

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