Unfinished Business at WDW

By now I’m sure that most guests have memorized Stacey’s Must-Dos on the Resort TV. (I am, indeed, one of those people but that doesn’t mean I can turn it off. I watch it on a loop. It’s part of the true Disney experience!) I always find it remarkable how she manages to fit in all the NEW attractions in the parks even if she is doing a Top 10. Stacey is a genius. And she looks good in a sombrero.

In the spirit of Stacey, we decided to put a twist on the “must-dos” and talk about the attractions/ dining/whatever we never do during our trips to the park. I must warn you in advance. You may see some things here that you truly don’t understand. You may ask yourself HOW DOES SHE CALL HERSELF A TRUE DISNEY FAN? You may want to throw tomatoes at your computer. (For your computer’s sake, just step away from the screen if you feel this urge.) So while these are supposed to be never-dos they fall into the following categories:

  • Things I’ve done once and forgotten about
  • Things I’ve done once and will never do again
  • Things I’ve never done and just… don’t feel the need to do ever?
  • Things I’ve never done and REALLY want to do

It’s as simple as that. Sort of. Coming up with this list has been just as difficult as figuring out what my favorite first trip was or keeping my honeymoon recaps short. (Yep, that’s right. I could have written more.) It just goes to show you how different everyone’s experiences are when they go to WDW or Disneyland. Families and friends have varying interests, not to mention there are a million factors contributing to whether or not you get on something or visit a particular restaurant or whatever. There are just so many things to do!

Done Once & Forgotten About

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover: I can hear your collective gasp. It’s loud. And piercing. And I apologize. I’m not sure why this particular attraction always gets passed over. Perhaps because there’s so much other stuff to see? I have no idea. Then it shocks me when people call THIS their favorite. I don’t remember being too blown away by it, or I would have probably insisted that we go on it every single trip, no matter what. But I haven’t. Not in my last 13 years of Disney traveling. This will end, folks. In a few days. I will make the TTAP a priority.


Innoventions: My husband finally got me to step into these two buildings on the last day of our honeymoon. Again, I have zero idea the last time I actually walked in here for something other the air conditioning. While I’m still not overly impressed with the guts of this attraction, I did enjoy StormStruck. We wanted to do the Sum of All Thrills but the line was about 45 minutes and we didn’t have the time to kill. I think we will go back though. I just wish that Innoventions had more to offer… more exciting, futuristic elements to enjoy. Soon, maybe?


Done Once & Will Never Do Again

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show: I may have a grudge against this attraction because Residential Street and my beloved Backlot Tour had to be compromised to make room for it. Sigh. When I finally got a chance to see this show (a.k.a. dragged by my family), I was not impressed and felt even more depressed by the changes. I don’t think Lightning McQueen will bring me back either. It’s too hard to fit the show into a schedule anyway with its limited shows so I think you really have to WANT to see it to make it happen. (My husband is always upset when I sort of pass it by. He has yet to see it.) And another thing, I’m more interested in talking Pixar cars than the real thing so the whole point of the show is pretty much lost on me.

Prime Time Café: During one of our inaugural family trips to WDW, we had a dinner here and, well, it just didn’t go too well. My sister was young, and I think our waitress was just TOO good at the role-playing and came off a little mean. I’m not sure my sister ate a bite of her meal and we were all a bit too uncomfortable to be ourselves that evening.  We never went back, and I’m just not sure I would want to. There are so many restaurants in Disney to be discovered and I just can’t shake how horrible I felt the first time I went there and how bad I felt for my sister. I know, I know… it’s been about 13 years since that first trip and I could probably give the place another whirl but I’m just not a fan of a restaurant that sort of zeros in on you and doesn’t let you forget it. (Unless it’s Mickey and his friends, of course!)


Never Done & Will Never Do

Tomorrowland Speedway: Me like Cars, not cars. (I think Test Track is enough of a compromise.)


The Boneyard: Even though I have a ton of Miley Cyrus on my iPod, wear Disney shirts when I’m not in a theme park, and want to be hugged by all the Muppets, I am still not a little kid. Nor will I play in the dirt. This is no one’s fault… except ,well, my parents because they had me a little too soon for me to enjoy this once AK opened. Who knows…I may have my own kid rolling around in there someday (if it’s still around) but I may just give my husband the job of chaperone.


Turkey Leg: Is this another Disney faux pas? Let me just tell you that we were once on line for Dinosaur and I watched a man practically inhale the turkey leg but not without getting the sauce all over his face, dropping pieces of chicken everywhere, and acting like a complete animal. That was 10 years ago, and we still talk about this man. It was so… barbaric. Ever since then, no matter how many people tell me they are delish, I’m not sure I can ever take a bit without remembering how that man almost made me lose my Mickey waffles.


Never Done & Will Do

Dole Whip: I never realized what a big deal this delicacy is! In the past few weeks, I’ve told people on Facebook and Twitter that I have never sampled what is supposed to be life-changing deliciousness. I love Pineapple! I don’t know how my family and I missed it all those years, but I do know that we never bought a lot of snacks in between meals in the park so that’s probably it. (If we did, we ended up with a Mickey Mouse ice cream.)


Dine in France and Morocco: There’s really no excuse for these two. When planning, I think I get too wrapped up and often forget about them. But I hope they’ll have me when I finally get around to making a reservation! I love all the dining around the World Showcase, and I have no doubt these two will be super fabulous as well.  In fact, on our honeymoon my husband and I looked at the Moroccan menu and decided it would definitely be a nice new place to try.  One of these days!

Jellyrolls: Ever since we started staying at the Boardwalk Villas, I was counting the years until I turned 21 so I could go to Jellyrolls. My parents went once during a family vacation, and had quite a fun time sampling the cocktails (and listening to the music, of course). I thought I’d go in October of 2008 during James and my first trip together, when we were meeting a group of friends. We didn’t have time. Then I thought we would go during our honeymoon a few months ago, and we were so exhausted that last night we stayed in the Boardwalk, we never would have made it. I’m hoping upon hope that I make it during an upcoming trip but it looks like quite a while before I’ll actually make it in there. I think we might have to move to Florida first… haha


So that’s it. I guess out of the great amount of attractions, food, restaurants and anything else the theme parks have to offer, a list of 10 things “never dos” isn’t so bad. (But then again, the lack of Dole Whip and the Transit Authority in my life might count for more than just 1 each in a list like this.) Certainly all that you don’t get to, for whatever reason, is going to outweigh all you actually experience when you are vacationing in the theme parks. (Even if you do try to take it slow.) And just like anything else, it’s natural that there will be certain things that appeal to some audiences and not others. That’s part of what makes WDW and Disneyland such a great place to visit.

There is absolutely something for everyone.

* * *

Thanks to our friends at WDWParkHoppers for permission to use their Turkey Leg t-shirt picture. Visit their blog; download the podcast!

One thought on “Unfinished Business at WDW

  1. Get yourself to France and Morocco! I am (of course) more thrilled by France, but Morocco had really good cous cous. And it was fun to see the belly dancers, too. I'm excited to be able to have wine with dinner at France, we didn't manage to fit it in on our last trip since I turned 21, so this will be my first time going and getting the full experience. This is horrible, but I'll admit to never going on rides anymore. I'm not a rides person at all, so I've done the classics but didn't love them. We don't even bother with Magic Kingdom anymore! We mostly stick to Epcot.

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