Muppet Monday: Banana Cream Pie (MuppetVision 3D)

By the time you read this, my husband and I will be recovering from two days of theme park madness in the August heat. (In fact, we may or may not be puddles at this point.)  As I sit in a lounge chair and sip a sweet drink and my darling husband is at work, I thought the best way to spend Muppet Monday was to talk about one Muppet attraction – the only one in WDW – that I will have probably seen (for the zillionth time or so) on this trip.

 Hard to believe that MuppetVision 3D has been a part of Hollywood Studios since the first birthday of the park. It’s old enough to legally drink. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to believe any other attraction could stick around quite as long. Sure, it’s not a moving attraction so an extensive refurb wouldn’t make much sense and the upkeep is pretty seamless I would imagine. Plus this 3D show doesn’t focus on one movie that eventually becomes dated (Honey, I Shrunk the Audience) and moldy. Then again, Hollywood Studios has been known to adore/bear hug the 80s/early 90s so much that the park is drowning in that time period. Maybe they are just lazy.

Whatever the reason(s) may be of the longevity of Muppet Vision, I don’t care. Deep down, I hope it’s because people love it. The show fails to age. Unlike the rest of DHS, it is timeless.
(Even if I do remember when a line used to snake around the side of the theater… oh, those were the days!)
Some favorite moments for me:
+ The entire pre-show from the video to all the props in the theater. You can never see it all.
+ Beaker getting the shaft with yet another machine
+ Bean “assisting” Miss Piggy in her musical number, Dream a Little Dream of Me (In fact, Michael Buble does a cover of this song, and I swear… I only hear Miss Piggy singing it. Sorry Mike. Tell me I’m wrong! Here’s the video…)
+ Of course, the one-liner I’ve stolen from the show and used multiple times in real life: Bean running away with Waldo and Gonzo realizing… FOREVER?! (I’m still perfecting my Gonzo voice.)
+ The instrument playing soldiers… I like their cheeks.
+ The explosion!
+ Kermit on the fire truck. He’s always such a hero!
+ Waldo becoming Mickey Mouse.
Sadly, this was the last project that Jim Henson worked on before his unexpected death. After watching so many episodes from The Muppet Show, I can see how MuppetVision sort of revitalizes that variety/comedy show-feel. There is never a straight story with The Muppet Shows; it’s more like a series of happenings and musical interludes with one common guest (who always ends up flirting with Kermit, who can blame them?!). In this case, the (unwanted) guest is Waldo, and all the characters get a crack at featuring all the wonders of 3D (ohh ahh). There’s more of a natural flow to the show; you are almost sure things would have gone the same way if you were actually taking a tour with them instead of sitting in the audience.

You gotta love those Muppets.

Quick tip. As you walk in the queue, check under the carpet!

P.S. If they ever decide to close this down, I may chain myself to the theater like Jessi Spano once did on Saved by the Bell. Until they promise to replace it with ANOTHER Muppet attraction, of course…

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