I Heart New York

Estelle and I often complain about the lack of big Disney events that take place in New York City. Now, you can’t really blame us for this because New York is pretty much the center of the universe. I know that statement is a bit self-centered and most native New Yorkers can be a littletoo proud when it comes to their city, but we really do have a lot to be proud OF. With September already upon us (WHERE did the summer go?) it is a good time to reflect on this glorious city that I have been able to call home for the past 27 years (Estelle is a New Jersey native, but after living in NY for college and now with her hubby on Long Island, we can happily deem her an honorary member of the club).

With the anniversary of the September 11th attacks only a few days away, you can’t turn your head without seeing some kind of memorial or acknowledgement for both the victims  and the heroes who lost their lives trying to save them. While it is a somber moment, September also brings with it a feeling of gratitude for everything this city is. The sense of unity among the diversity of its people is just one of the reasons why I think this place is so special. If you’re from here, you also understand the feeling of pride when you’re out of state and someone asks you where you’re from. When you say New York they know you’re a bit hard-edged. Perhaps a little stubborn or proud, but you are immensely loyal and in times of crisis, you are the person that people want in their corner. We all have our gripes with this city and while I vow to move away every few months, deep down I know that could never happen. The hustle and bustle of this city is in my DNA. Without its noise, the lights, the people, I wouldn’t feel normal.


For the month of September, Estelle and I will be celebrating New York with an array of entries connected to Disney events and history. We may not be the host for the Expo, nor are we the home of any theme parks, but if you want to see an amazing Broadway play, you have to come to Times Square (I know all the native NYers just groaned. We have nothing against tourists, but seriously, learn how to stand to the SIDE when gazing up at buildings. I know they must be exciting to you, but we are not fond of human traffic). We will also be bringing in some smart and sassy guest bloggers who will offer their own Disneyfied take on living in the tri-state area. These guests are all writers we greatly admire and we feel very lucky that they agreed to contribute to our site!


Once again, both Estelle and I are incredibly thankful for all the support through Facebook and Twitter. Thank you to all the readers out there! This Disney community is filled with so many wonderful people and it’s exciting to realize that there are even more to meet and get to know. We hope you enjoy our month long ode to this city and feel free to add any of your own memories. I really feel like New York is sort of like Grumpy from Snow White. It may seem a bit cranky, perhaps even a little on the mean side, but underneath the rough exterior, is a kind old man who is easily swooned.


Until next time, have a great (long) weekend and we will see you in a few days!

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