Walt Wednesday: NY Hearts Mickey Mouse

Among the many things that New York can stake its claim on, one of my favorite things is Mickey Mouse. Yes, he is ours. We claim him. Everyone knows that Mickey was invented after a fatal business meeting in New York for Walt. He was on a train home, so perhaps, Walt wasn’t technically IN New York when he drew Mickey, but NYC was the place he chose to introduce the iconic character to the world.

Mickey Mouse made his debut on November 18, 1928 at The Colony Theatre in New York City. He was starring in a little cartoon (perhaps you’ve heard of it) called “Steamboat Willie”. Although technically, this wasn’t Mickey’s first cartoon, it was the first with synchronized sound (with Walt as the voice, of course). The other two that came before it, “Plane Crazy” and “The Gallopin’ Gaucho” were released with sound later that year.


The Colony Theater back in the day. It’s now called The Broadway Theater (Very Original)

Modern day picture of the theater.


If you haven’t seen “Steamboat Willie” then I highly suggest you take a mere seven minute break and watch it because Mickey Mouse seems to have a plethora of good ideas in this cartoon short.

  • Think your boss, Pete is a jerk? Wait until his back is turned, then stick your tongue out at him!
  • Some dumb bird is laughing at you? Throw a bucket at it! That’ll show’em!
  • Is your cow too skinny? Why, force feed it, of course!
  • Your boat forget a passenger? Well, what do you think the crane is for?
  • Goat ate your homework? Piece of cake! Use his body as a phonograph and turn his tail like a crank!
  • Banging on pots doesn’t get you that hip musical sound you want? Pull on a cat’s tail! Yank on a duck’s neck! Pull at piglet’s tails while they are feeding! (Good Lord, where is the ASPCA?)
  • And if your boss STILL makes you do menial work like peeling potatoes, don’t worry! Just chuck them at that annoying, laughing parrot. It will fall into the ocean and drown. You will feel a whole lot better!

Check out the cartoon and laugh along with Mickey (and me!)

P.S.- Have you checked out Estelle’s entry about Disney’s recipe for Broadway success? This well-researched article is definitely worth a gander!

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