On the Radio: Whoa oh oh

…Donna Summer anyone?

Michelle and I were completely honored when John from WDWParkhoppers asked us to be guests on his podcast a few weeks ago. We are HUGE fans, and love that we get to learn about some of our Disney idols — Amanda Tinney & DVCMom — during these podcasts.

So if you want to learn a little more about why we heart Disney, which one of us goes to Tomorrowland when they first hit MK, and just the story of how our little blog began, it’s all right there! (Plus you can try to decipher our voices!) Check it out!

Thanks again to John for dealing with our technical difficulties and all of laughing. It was so much fun, and we really hope that we can team up and do some Disney chatting again together soon!!

If you don’t already, please subscribe to the WDWParkhoppers podcast on iTunes for some great conversations between John and other amazing people in the Disney community. Of course, check out his fabulous blog too.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! We have a lot of great posts coming to you today!

One thought on “On the Radio: Whoa oh oh

  1. Thanks so much for not only being on the Audio Show and for being so amazing, it's not EVEN funny, but for all the great compliments and promotion! I am humbled and it was TRULY my pleasure to have you on. I cannot wait to have you on again. Best of luck in everything that you do and may you both have magical days!

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