Walt Wednesday: The Jolly Roger

Arrrrr, me swashbucklin’ mateys! Aye, you be in Pirates territory now! We lasses of This Happy Place Blog wish yer a hearty yo-ho-ho! (And lots o’ rum!) So avast the sails on yer ships and come aboard, buccaneers or face Davy Jones’ Locker with the rest of them lily-livered scallywags!

I don’t think I’ll be adding ‘fluent in pirate’ to my resume anytime soon. Last Monday as many of you may know was International Talk like a Pirate day! In honor of this grand occasion, many of the blogs posted entries about the beloved ride, Pirates of the Caribbean. My good friend Steve (who is also fluent in Pirate speak) sent me this great video from the official Disney Parks Blog. It’s a short 4-minute presentation starring the captain himself, Walt Disney, as he explains the plans of the ride to Disney ambassador, Julie Riehm. (Seriously, that outfit is just… there are no words)

They also speak to imagineers including Claude Coats who worked with artists and designers to bring to life many Disneyland attractions such as Haunted Mansion, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Claude shows them some really cool miniatures of the scenes in the ride and Walt shows her models of the town. (Take note of how excited she looks!) It’s amazing how detailed these miniatures are and how much work went into making everything look completely authentic and new. You can also tell just how proud Walt was of this new project and 44 years (and 4 movies) later, this ride continues to win over more and more fans with every new generation that enters the Disney Parks.

Aye, me hearty there be more booty thar with ye gentlemen o’ fortune than in all of Fiddler’s Green!

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