Animation in Autumn

Truth be told, I’m super excited for the series that is taking place for the month of October. TA DA! Estelle and I will be focusing on Disney Animation and seeing as how that is really the foundation the company was built upon, we have a lot to say about it!

For me, the parks weren’t really prevalent until much later in life. Sure, I went when I was three, but who remembers that? For me and many other countless kids who couldn’t travel to California or Florida, Disney came alive through our VCRs. My mother was the first person to sit me down and say, “I think you’re going to like this.” A few moments later, the opening music for The Little Mermaid began to play and it was as if something inside me clicked. The movies, the characters — they are the heart of Disney. What started out as a rough sketch for a mouse initially named Mortimer, turned into a plethora of characters that have touched people from all around the world simply because audiences could always find a little piece of themselves in them.

It saddens me when I hear someone say that Disney animators are not “real artists”, but merely “cartoonists.” I think there is nothing further from the truth. These people know how to convey real emotion through a picture. The characters, although only two-dimensional on paper, become people of flesh and blood on screen. They have hopes and dreams, obstacles and hardships and like us, they strive to overcome them. Basically, they become real. To me, that’s an amazing achievement.

My favorite Disney animator, Glen Keane, once said, “I’ve always been telling people that animation is not about moving drawings, it’s about drawings that move people.”

For the month of October, Estelle and I will be sharing the animation that most moves us. Our entries will be covering everything from stand-out characters to films to interviews with a few little surprises thrown in! We hope you stumble upon some of your own favorite memories through these entries and take some time to share them with us! Enjoy!


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A book publicist who loves writing about Disney and books, and sometimes Disney books.

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