Muppet Monday: Tale of Two Johns & Some Teeth

I never gave much thought to Dr. Teeth until I got him in my Muppets Series 2 Vinylmation. (Don’t disown me!) Actually now, I have two Dr. Teeth Vinyls (so if any of you need one, let me know!) which means it’s the perfect time to talk about this flashy character.

 (1, 2)

When I see Dr. Teeth, the keyboardist and lead singer of Electric Mayhem, I immediately think: ELTON JOHN.


But when I went to the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image a few weeks ago, I learned that the character was originally inspired by a different John: a New Orleans jazz musician named Dr. John. A beard, a big hat, and a keyboard player and lead singer.


Here’s some Dr. John in the flesh!

THEY SOUND SO MUCH ALIKE! If you are familiar with any of Dr. Teeth’s appearances on The Muppet Show or in The Muppet Movie (awesome!), you know he has his own way of expressing himself.

Here’s some Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem for your enjoyment:

I wasn’t too off about the Elton John thing. After the initial design, they threw in some of Elton’s flamboyant and over the top performance persona.
No matter how crazy Dr. Teeth looks, or how much you have to decipher his quips, you can’t deny that big Muppet-y smile, complete with a gold tooth. Nice to know he has music in his genes.

Special bonus… Elton John on The Muppet Show

…Have you liked The Muppets on Facebook yet? Just about 5 weeks until The Muppet Movie hits theaters! (November 23rd – mark your calendars!)

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