Muppet Monday: 3D Friends

In keeping with the spirit of Mickey’s full month birthday celebration around here, I thought I would try to do a little Mickey and Muppet combos.

This week we are going to take a trip back to MuppetVision – a place I visit a lot in this segment on the blog. In fact when this publishes, I’ll be three days away from being back in WDW and seeing the Muppets.
First stop: the preshow. Sam the Eagle is very excited to announce a very special guest, one he thinks is “the one, the only Mickey Mouse.” Enter… Rizzo the Rat dressed in a Mickey Mouse outfit. It’s actually sort of adorable.
If you have $350, you can go on eBay and buy the Rizzo Mickey vinylmation from the Park #3 series.
(Can anyone else think of Rizzo without hearing “Light the lamp, not the rat, light the lamp, not the rat!”)
Second stop: Everyone’s favorite 3D friend, Waldo, needs a sure disguise when the 3D film goes bust. Who better to turn into then Mickey Mouse himself? “They’ll never recognize me now!”
(Did you know MuppetVision was the last time we saw Waldo in action? Someone needs to rectify this!)

Isn’t it the best when two of your favorite things are together in the same place? While the Muppets are (of course) the best on their own, I love the Mickey Mouse subtleties.

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