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Halloween isn’t a big holiday for me. Sure, I like free candy (when I’m not told that I’m too old to trick or treat) and I like to dress up! Throw a blanket over my head and call me the ghost from It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! (My boyfriend actually did that last Halloween- it was a big hit!) Overall though, I don’t go too crazy for a holiday where dressing up seems to be getting harder and harder every year. (Ladies, why must everything be slut-ified, may I ask?)

But Halloween in Disney? Sign me up! I was looking forward to a weekend away, but you could imagine my surprise when I woke up to find New York covered in snow. In October. Mother Nature, are you effin’ kidding me? So my buddy Stephen and I gave NY the finger and made our way down south. He had never been to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and I hadn’t been since my days as a CP.

LaGuardia Airport. Yeah, wouldn’t you want to leave this too?

So off we went. This trip proved to be different in a few ways. I wanted pictures with as many new characters as I could find. I love Mickey and all, but I have about a billion pictures with him. I wanted some new experiences and WDW definitely obliged.

Before I go into the numerous characters Stephen and I encountered, I have give a few details on some of the high points of the trip.

Guess where we stayed?

If you’re looking for the perfect time to visit the World, try late October/early November. I think when the longest line you have to wait on is for food, you can go ahead and call that visit a success. The longest line for an attraction was Toy Story Mania (surprise) but even that was under ten minutes.

Mahi Mahi from Yak & Yeti! Yummy, Yummy!

I actually spent 7 hours in Animal Kingdom. (Yes, no one was more surprised than me, trust me.) We took advantage of early extra magic hours so not only did I spend a long time at AK, but I actually woke up extra early to do it. So now after seeing some parts I hadn’t seen before such as Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and the Maharajah Jungle Trek, the question is — do I still feel the same about this park? Sadly, yes. I stand by my previous statement that Animal Kingdom is good for a ride on Everest, The Finding Nemo Musical and a lunch at Yak and Yeti. Then it’s time to peace out and go on over to another park. Sorry, folks. I’m hoping James Cameron will soon change my mind about that since I seem to be one of the ten people excited about Avatarland.

It’s a fiesta, bitches.

We got to check out The Enchanted Tiki Room…. Send me hate mail if you want, but I almost fell asleep.

Love the Dapper Dans!

Stephen got me on the Jungle Cruise. Then I remembered why I’ve been avoiding it all these years.

Hallowishes might not tug at my heart strings the way Wishes does, but the fireworks display was definitely nothing to scoff at. I could have done without the Disney Villain song covers though. Alas, nothing will ever compare to Wishes in my mind. Wiiiiishes, dream a dream…

The candy from Not So Scary sure comes in handy on the rest of the trip in between lunch and dinner time. Oh, and breakfast time too…

Restaurant Marrakesh is my new favorite place in EPCOT. Besides being one of the most rich in detail places I have seen on property, the food is simply delicious! We were met by belly dancers, sitar players and a very friendly staff of waiters. Instead of going the safe route and having chicken kebobs, I decided on some lamb and couscous. My stomach was very pleased with this decision.



Onto the Characters!

I finally found Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom. After fighting the urge to touch her pretty hair (er- wig?) she asked us how we traveled to these woods. I said plane before I could stop myself, but funny enough she answered with, “My friend John Smith told me about those! How exciting!”  Really? John Smith knew about airplanes? They must have been quite a sight in the early 17th century. Oh well, let’s do a warrior pose and smile for a picture anyway!




Stephen and I were a part of our college Sailing Club. Singing Billy Joel, we sailed our boat, The Colonial Clipper down to Mystic Connecticut one weekend. In honor of those fun times, we decided on sailor costumes for Not So Scary. Although Stephen looked more like an Admiral than a sailor so we just ended up telling people he was the Captain of the Disney Dream.

We spotted an array of villains standing near the Partners statue and I was excited to see that muscle dreamboat, Gaston. He had perfect hair and that arrogant smile. I asked him for a picture showing off his guns and he was all too happy to oblige.

Next to him was a line for Lady Tremaine and the Wicked Stepsisters. I have wanted to meet them for quite some time now. Since every blog post I have ever read about them goes on and on about how funny they are, I was so excited to finally see for myself. Watching them, I noticed that Drizella was really carrying all the comedic weight. Lady Tremaine stood there looking well, bored really. She never said much and Anastasia seemed to be trying to follow Drizella’s lead (somewhat unsuccessfully). When it was finally our turn, Drizella screamed, “Ahoy, Sailors!” After asking if we shipped any questionable cargo, I fought the urge to say wenches and liquor and simply answered that it was nothing illegal.
Later on while we were waiting for the parade, the three of them were walking around and interacting with guests. To my delight, Drizella stopped to chat with me and when I asked her how her night was going, she said that she still hadn’t found a man to propose to her. Before I could tell Stephen to get on one knee, Gaston was back assuring her that he would impregnate her with many babies soon.  Drizella swooned and the guests around us all laughed. (We were all over 18, never fear.)

Got your tickets to the gun show?

Further down on our hunt for candy, Stephen and I encountered all seven dwarves. We simply had to stop for a picture! Right before it was our turn, there was a mom dressed up as Snow White. Dopey ran to her and gave her the biggest hug. It was a sweet magical moment and everyone around us laughed. Thankfully, he was much gentler with the 2 year old Snow White that quickly followed. When it was our turn, I announced that I would stand next to Doc since he was my favorite. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. (I love it when the characters do that).


Stephen and I also met up with an Owl and and Beaver (without a tail) that night. It was our good friends, Andrew and Adam better know as the Disney Hipsters! Andrew managed to scare the hell out of me when he jumped out of the crowd and screamed my name as I was looking into my bag for something. We chatted about the characters we met and our hotels while Steve and I stared at the BAGS of candy they had managed to already collect (these boys are nothing if not efficient). Too soon it was time to go and we managed to take a picture together and wish Andrew a Happy Birthday.

Stephen danced with Chip, I got my ride on the People Mover, and (of course) we were singing the Boo to You song all night long. By the time we got back to the room after 1am, we were exhausted.

7am came quickly though and we were up and out within the hour. It was raining and Steve remembered to bring ponchos. (Thank you, thank you!) We made our way back to the Magic Kingdom and because of the rain, it was pretty empty.

Not a real visit without a picture with Mickey and Minnie!

Mary Poppins was standing all alone so we took advantage of that. I told her that I loved her dress. “Oh, thank you! My friend Bert sewed this together for me.” So I guess this chimney sweep/sidewalk artist is now an expert seamstress? Some people are full of surprises.

There was a short line for Rapunzel next to the castle so we jumped on it. I felt bad knowing that Belle used to set up shop there before she was evicted, but Steve assured me we would see her soon. Blondie and I shared hair tips since the Florida weather was murder on our beautiful tresses and she was very perky and sweet. I thought Mandy Moore would have approved.

I finally did get my chance to see Belle the next day. She was very sweet and asked (as all the other ladies did) if Stephen was my Prince. I finally got tired of saying no, he’s not MY prince, but he’s still a Prince (because he really is!!) so we played along. While we were on line, I asked Stephen if he thought she would say “Bonjur, Hay Gurrl” into the camera for me, but he didn’t think she would. If you don’t get that joke then go here. Right. Now.

Bonjur! Hay Gurrl!

We chatted with Mulan about her crazy grandmother and how one could purchase one of her beautiful hair combs in the many fine establishments the China Pavilion had to offer before making our way back to Paris.

This Mulan was so cute.
My boyfriend!

I had an important date with someone I had never met in the parks- my favorite Disney character and prince- The Beast! He didn’t saying anything when I professed my love, but I do enjoy the large, silent type. After placing a kiss on his hairy face, it was time to depart and make our way back to freezing NYC.

This trip although short was a lot of fun. (Of course when is Disney NOT fun?) Stephen was a real trooper and dealt with the 7am wake up calls and late nights with a smile. By the end of the vacation we felt like we needed another to recuperate, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Hopefully these Halloween trips will become a tradition for us because in order to leave without breaking down in tears, you have to keep that next trip in the back of your mind. Perhaps I’ll be a bigger fan of Halloween then!

We don’t want to go home!

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