A Very Merry Giveaway!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Christmas holidays are finally upon us and it is indeed a favorite time for the gals at This Happy Place Blog. It’s very easy to get swept up in the holiday craze in a city that begins decorating itself in late October, but now that we are officially in December, we don’t have to hide the Christmas music on our iPods (I blast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” on a daily basis) or our glitter Christmas jewelry. (I’m getting a flashback of Molly Shannon in the Santa Clause 2. We’re not as crazy as she was, thankfully!)

Coming from a small family, I really don’t have major traditions set in stone. When I was younger, my parents would take me to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and afterwards, we’d visit the lovely tree in Rockefeller Center. My mom liked to eat roasted nuts from the street vendors and we’d check out the Macy’s holiday window displays. I always got to open my presents on Christmas Eve (it astounded me that some kids had to wait until Christmas morning!) and my television would bounce back and forth from “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to “A Christmas Story” to my favorite, “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.”

While these early traditions have somewhat disappeared over time, my family and I always reminisce about them at the dinner table on Christmas Eve with promises of reinstating them the following year. Work and school commitments always seem to deter our plan, but I prefer it that way. To me, those early years of putting on my best red velvet dress (don’t judge) and spending an evening in the city (when a trip to Manhattan was so exciting!) are some of the best memories I have. They’re protected in that golden bubble of youth and I really prefer to leave them there, untouched.

But just because I don’t have many Christmas traditions now doesn’t mean I don’t like to hear about other people’s traditions- especially when it has to do with Disney! We couldn’t afford trips to Disney World when I was younger, but my mom did try to incorporate Disney into Christmas when she could. We had Mickey stockings, ornaments, and decorations throughout the house.  She’d buy me Mickey and Minnie holiday t-shirts and there was always a Disney Princess Barbie doll under the tree for me.

This December, Estelle and I want to know about YOUR traditions! What do you do with your family and friends every Christmas? How do you incorporate Mickey into your holidays? Are you one of those lucky people who travel to the world and attend the Christmas party or do you try to keep the Disney magic alive in your living room?

And in the tradition of giving gifts to friends, we’d like to offer a new giveaway! On one of our recent excursions to the Disney Store in Times Square, Estelle and I snagged two of the Jingle Smells Vinylmations- the Snowman and Candy Cane vinyls.

Pictures from Vinylnation.net

In order to win one of these sweet smelling collectibles, you must leave a comment here telling us about a Disney Christmas Tradition you share with your friends or family. It’ll be interesting to see all the different things we do during the holidays! As always, make sure you like us on Facebook and retweet this giveaway on Twitter (make sure you let us know you did these things when you leave the comment!). Then your name will be in the running! We will be choosing two lucky winners on Monday, December 12th!Estelle and I are really looking forward to reading about your holiday traditions! Good luck and remember- only 22 shopping days left!

10 thoughts on “A Very Merry Giveaway!

  1. Our new tradition at Case de Howze(my last name pronounced house. I'm a dork!)is Disney ornaments that we sign and date. Me and my mom bought a set at the Disney store and hung them up last week. I like you on FB and I RT this contest. 🙂

  2. Our Disney tradition is watching Nightmare Before Christmas! 🙂 We're a little off kilter and here and love watching different interpretations of the very merry holiday. 🙂 I liked you and RTed, too! From Alyssa at DoubleChinDiary.com

  3. Hi girls, what a fun giveaway. Our newest family tradition is to take our 84 year old grandmother to the park for a few hours to see the holiday decorations! We have 4 generations, we're so blessed. We "liked" & RT'ed you.info (at) Disneysisters (dot) comHappy Holidays!!!

  4. What a fun idea! :-)My Disney fascination caught fire again when my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our anniversary at the Fort Wildeness Campgrounds back in May. Since then we've been back a couple more times and have started a little tradition of going to the 25 Days of Christmas Store and picking out a special something for our trees. We try to get something of Minnie and Mickey so I can hang the Minnie on my tree and he can hang the Mickey so that one day when we have our own tree, the two can reunite 🙂 My bf surprised me this past week with the Mickey ornament that has all four parks with a special inscription on the back- 'Let the memories continue..to infinity and beyond'Can't wait to eventually collect all the themed ornaments! Have a feeling we might need 2 trees-one just for all the 'memories' we've collected over the years. ❤ :]

  5. oopsie…forgot to add in there that I have 'liked' you! & RT y'all! {writing on an iPhone can cause a few set backs} 🙂

  6. Our Disney tradition is watching the Very Merry Christmas Parade on Christmas Day right after opening presents! Merry Christmas to you, Stelle and Chelle!

  7. My husband and I head to WDW for about a week end of November/early December. We take in all the wonderful decorations and special events and it really helps put us in the holiday spirit! We head home after the trip ready to tackle shopping and enjoying the holiday with friends & family! ("Like" you on Facebook & retweeted on Twitter!)

  8. We visited WDW during the Holidays for the first time this year. I think its going to be a tradition from now on! We also watch The Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve because it really is only one more sleep till Christmas. :)I liked you on Facebook, follow you on twitter, & retweeted about the contest. Merry Christmas!Melissa, Disney on Wheelsdisneyonwheels(at)gmail.com

  9. Besides watching the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade every year with my Dad, I make it a point to get a new Disney Christmas ornament every year. It's so fun to open up my box of ornaments and see the ornaments I have collected over the years! I also participate in the Be Our Guest Podcast ornament exchange. This is my 2nd year doing it and it is so great to receive fun Disney ornaments from your friends. If you're a fan of the podcast…make sure to sign up next year on the message boards!

  10. HEY! It's the DisneyBlueFairy! My wonderful stepson wanted me to enter this contest when I showed him. lol We have a many Disney tradtions, one is we color in a Disney coloring book, taking out the pics after and put them around the front door. It looks so cool! Of course I follow you guys and will go put up the contest for others to see on my page!:) Ariel

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