Muppet Mondays: John Denver and 12 Muppets

Not one my most extensive additions to this feature but I can’t help it at this time of year. (If only you could see the craziness of my living room right now…) Let me tell you something about myself. I love Christmas. In an all-year round type way. I love Christmas trees (real ones only!!), twinkling lights, wrapping paper, ornaments with glitter, the shopping (especially the online kind), and figuring out just what to put on our holiday cards. But most of all, I love the music.

As a kid, I remember listening obsessively to Perry Como, Bing Crosby, and Johnny Mathis as we all decorated the house with the boxes and boxes of holiday decorations my dad would bring down from the attic. (We still do this from time to time, except now we wear Santa hats.)

As a 26-year old kid who is now able to buy her own Christmas tree and has her own collection of wonderful holiday goodies stored in her own basement, the music has not left me either. I’m the proud owner of over 400 holiday tunes on my iPod. And in the recent years, the Muppets have been part of the joy. I’m going to admit to you right now that I did not buy the John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together until last year… but don’t worry I’ve listened to it so much it’s almost like I’ve had it my entire life.

So on the eve before Michelle & I launch our own holiday series, here’s John and the Muppets singing one of my favorites: The 12 Days of Christmas in the 1979 TV special that evolved from the original album. Full of Muppet quirk. John later called it “one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career.”

Does anyone else get the feeling that John may not really think Piggy’s voice is as gorgeous as she thinks it is?

Here’s a great post I found today of another sharing his own thoughts about this particular album.

…now if you excuse me, I’m off to sleep some tinsel-filled dreams!

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