12 Days of Holly Jolly Holidays: Music of The Santa Clause

I made a quick stop in the Disney Store in Times Square this evening, and while perusing the very limited amount of vinylmations left in the corner of the shop, one of my favorite instrumentals from The Santa Clause started playing. See — this is one of the features I love about the new store design. They have attempted to incorporate some real background audio. Normally, it sounds a little bit like the park but the Christmas audio includes instrumentals from The Santa Clause and The Christmas Carol (2009), as well as Mickey wishing us all a very happy holiday of course. (He also forgot to buy Minnie a present. I hope she hasn’t been listening.)

Now back to star of this show, the big man himself (kind of) — The Santa Clause. I don’t remember when I first saw this movie. I think it was after it first came out but I’ve been hooked since I first saw Scott Calvin’s red pajamas… or before that actually. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s the story of a divorced dad named Scott Calvin who doesn’t have the closest relationship with his young son. While his son is staying with him with him on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus falls off his roof, Scott puts on the suit, delivers the presents, and finds out that he is now Santa. (This is like my fantasy come true. I’m not kidding.) If it sounds cute, you are exactly right — it is. But I also really love the focus on this father and son growing close to one another because of this outrageous thing that no one can ever know about. It is just so, so good (even if it looks ridiculously low budget right now. But hey it was 1994.).

While I love Tim Allen and Charlie can’t be any more adorable, the real star of the film to me is Michael Convertino. You’ve probably never heard of him. He’s the composer of the film’s soundtrack. (He also worked on another Tim Allen movie, Jungle 2 Jungle, as well as that horrid Vanessa Williams Β movie,Β Dance With Me, I couldn’t stop watching.) This is a film that jumps from reality to fantasy very quickly and the music does a memorable job of enhancing this world that unveils itself to a father and son. The music reminds me of the beauty of winter — the nice falling snow that shimmers in the moonlight. It is emotional but still contains the festive parts of the holiday – particularly the use of jingling bells. As a whole the music is as heartwarming as all the carols I’ve loved since I was a child, and they manage to capture the wonder of the season so well.

While two of my favorite songs are “Visitation” and “Away to the Window”, they are (shockingly!) not easy to find online individually but here’s a great video that will give you a taste of the a-mazing music I’ve been chatting about:

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