Muppet Monday: Top Christmas Special Moments

We are lucky this time of year to live in a world of peppermint bark, Santa Claus, and a handful of Muppet Christmas specials. (I should also send out a special thank you to YouTube for helping me to relive Muppet-y moments I didn’t even know existed!)

Here are a few of my favorites:

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street (1978) — I remember watching this as a kid. Frankly, the only thing that sticks in my head is Big Bird ice skating from part one. (Since rewatching, I find it odd that the BIG Muppets were used in the opening sequence.) Kermit makes a special appearance at .38 seconds with very important assignment.

Muppet Family Christmas (1987) — Disney needs to get on the ball and get this gem re-released DVD A.S.A.P. A few months ago, it was going for $25 through an Amazon seller, and as of yesterday it was up to $99. The gang goes to visit Fozzie’s mother. Of course, Fozzie is driving the pick-up truck — which is sort of sad because many of the Muppets are left outside in the cold. It doesn’t stop them from singing a joyous Christmas carol though. I love the appearance by Doc and Sprocket from Fraggle Rock, and the danger of the icy patch.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa (2008): Starring Fozzie and the ugliest Christmas sweater I have ever seen. It may be the only thing I’ve retained from the special. So it’s worth noting, believe me. I need one. Plus Jesse L. Martin — original cast member in Rent — sings in this clip. That’s the kind of guest star I’m talking about!

This one is actually available on DVD. I still need to add it to my collection!

…don’t worry, I didn’t forget about The Muppet Christmas Carol. My husband and I always watch it a little bit closer to the big day and don’t you worry, I will be writing about it!

Just six more days until Christmas! (And tomorrow evening marks the start of Hanukkah.) No matter which holiday you are celebrating, we hope are enjoying all your preparations and not stressing out too much!

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