12 Days of Holly Jolly Holidays: A WDW Wish List

I didn’t write a Christmas list this year. Partly because Santa and I share a psychic connection, and partly because this holiday has just snuck up on me like never before. But hey, I still have 3 good days before Santa leaves the North Pole so why not dream big? While I think Santa is pretty awesome and glittery and wonderful and can do just about anything, I’m not sure the kind of success my list is going to bring. I can only hope. So here it is. My top 5 wishes for Walt Disney World:

1. Tiana’s Place: The Princess and the Frogย was on recently, and I caught the end when (spoiler alert) Tiana and Naveen buy that old warehouse and turn it into her amazing dream restaurant. I want to go there. Later on, I talked to Chelle about it and we decided it would be awesome if this was a family restaurant by day and a jazz club with dancing and drinks at night. I’m not sure where this would work in any of the parks… it would have to be built near the front entrance so people can hang out after park hours inside without actually being IN the park… But it could also fit as part of the Port Orleans or just be a restaurant that is on property but not connected to a hotel or park. (Crazy concept, I know.)This would be a great way to have Tiana and Naveen hang out with guests. But I would not want it to be a “character dinner” or something like Cinderella’s Royal Table. Subtle, classy characters. Maybe dancing among the guests and stopping by and saying hi. The music, the atmosphere, and the theming should takeย center stageย not dancing characters with a silly song. (While I like dining in the castle, I find it very distracting and too focused on the mice.) Plus awesome southern food and live music.

2. Walter: I wanted to really make this about the Muppets having more exposure in the parks. More opportunities for guests to know about them, and laugh with them. But then I think Walter is the key. Newest Muppet, huge Muppet fan himself, and star of the latest Muppet film (and hopefully some future flicks?). Who else to make people enthusiastic about this franchise than one of the biggest Muppet fans on the planet? I haven’t narrowed down any details when it comes to Walter’s involvement in the parks. Logically, something new would have to appear in Hollywood Studios near 3D. Nothing to replace 3D but just enhance the area. A tour of the Studios? Something about his life? Interviewing the Muppets? I have no idea but I know that Walter is the man. He deserves more than a cardboard cut-out in a gift shop. (Who knows how long that will stay there anyway.)

3. Future World revamp: My husband always points out how we spend so little time in Future World. A majority of our time is probably spent waiting on line for Soarin’ or staring at the times board in disbelief when we see the wait time for Soarin’. I love Figment… don’t get me wrong but I can only going on his ride a few times. NO ONE ELSE IS ON IT and that depresses me. Innoventions bores me. Test Track is okay. Mission Space I can do without. Am I leaving anything out? I really miss Cranium Command. And Spaceship Earth is one of my favorites. I’m hoping that Apple will swoop in one day and save the place. New technology, lots of imagination, a ton of fun. Interactive and something so intriguing that the lines level out and everyone will stop running to Soarin’ like their life depended on it. So all I’m asking for is a little help. Some of that pixie dust everyone is always talking about.

4. The Backlot Tour: So if Santa can do anything, he can bring back Residential Street and the live tour guide for the Backlot Tour. He could change up the ancient Pearl Harbor with something more recent (or just general like the Pirates movies without specifying which one). We would get new exhibits at the AFI stop, maybe see what’s really inside the props studio on the way to the trams. New memorabilia in general for you know, all those movies that Disney makes? Just do something. I miss it. I’m sad when I’m on it. Hannah Montana’s chicken coop from her movie should not be the highlight. As much as I enjoy it, it shouldn’t.

5. Now this one is purely selfish. But I would love to tour all the parks alone. I mean, my husband can come too if he wants. But I want the parks to be closed, a private (REAL) tour guide and just hours upon hours to take as many pictures and ask as many questions as I want. But you know what? I’ll settle for some vacation days and a trip back to the World. Complete with a backstage tour, warm enough weather to swim, and a few awesome meals. Oh, I also want to be in a parade. I don’t have to twirl a baton or anything (I used to do this in high school). I’ll just sit and wave to the crowd with a silly hat on.

Oh a girl can dream…

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Holly Jolly Holidays: A WDW Wish List

  1. So, while they're revamping Future World, can they please restore Imagination to its former glory? I so miss the old ride… and the Dream Finder! Now he's just a lot dude on a couple of pieces of merchandise.And you missed the rest of The Land, and all of the The Sea and the Universe of Energy. Perhaps on purpose? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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