TheatEAR Newsflash: Odds, Ends & Jeremy Jordan

Just a quick rundown of the few things that have been going on in the theatre world. We are just about one month away from NEWSIES tickets going on sale (January 30). I hope all of you planning to get tickets have already signed up for the mailing list on the website. If you haven’t yet, go there and do it right this moment!

No casting news at the moment but (sadly) Bonnie & Clyde is playing its last performance tonight on Broadway. This could mean we may hear about Jeremy Jordan and if if he will be reprising his role of Jack Kelly in March. (Here’s a great article from last week’s Post from Jeremy’s perspective. They even mention the gay porn star who shares his name — hilarious. Beware when you google images of Jeremy Jordan.) Don’t worry though — the music of B&C won’t be lost forever… it was announced that a cast album will be released! (Thank you theatre Gods!)

An exciting breakthrough though via Alan Menken’s Twitter account:

New songs?! As if I wasn’t enthused enough about seeing the show again, but knowing they are really working on changes Is. Awesome.

Well, that’s the end of that. Hopefully in the new year, we’ll have much more news to share!

Also, to be a total girl, I was watching Little Women today — and laughed watching Christian Bale sing a few Christmas carols with the March sisters. I wish I could find a scene of that on YouTube but instead there are a bunch of “Laurie & Jo” tributes attached to pop songs. So (if you are looking to be a little distracted) here’s the making-of featurette from Little Women.

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