Newsies & Jeremy Jordan (Possibly?)

I’m going to keep this one short.Looks like we may have gotten some kind of answer to the whole: is Jeremy Jordan going to be back as Jack Kelly in Newsies? Well, remember how I mentioned that Bonnie & Clyde was going to be getting a cast recording? It seems the recording was worked on this weekend, and as I’m scrolling through Twitter tonight seems there may be some (unconfirmed/confirmed) NEWS.

Director of Bonnie & Clyde and Newsies, Jeff Calhoun, mentioned how he can’t wait to work with Jeremy again when Newsies comes to Broadway. (When asked again, Jeff said he “assumed” Jeremy would be back at Jack.) A snippet with Jeremy follows (with him sort of laughing and winking when asked about this by the reporter — it’s adorable). So it may not be 100% but it’s “safe to say” that he will be seen again in Newsies!It’s nothing definite but hey, it’s enough for me at the moment.

Check out the BroadwayWorld video here.

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