Happy Relaunch Day!

Whew! After a 2-month break (where does the time go?), it feels so good to be back! If you are checking us out in Google Reader, do your eyes a favor and click into the actual This Happy Place Blog. We have a pretty new design, thanks to the graphic talent of Christine at Smitten Blog Design and the eye of Magan Blasig (my partner over at Rather Be Reading). It’s a pretty nice facelift, don’t you think?

So what else is new over in this happy place? A lot. But first, a word from Michelle —

Hey Everyone! Michelle here with some important news. Some of you may already know this, but I am currently a grad student working towards my degree in secondary education. I am officially in my last year and that basically means my graduate thesis is looming over my head. Unfortunately, I won’t have the same amount of time to focus on This Happy Place Blog. Never fear however! The blog is in Estelle’s very capable hands and I will be chiming in every now and then because we all know I’m a bit too opinionated not to!  You can still catch me on my Twitter which will still be active. I hope you all enjoy the new layout and all the smart writing as always!

Best of luck to Michelle in all her educational pursuits! While reading through a majority of the posts during our big switch to WordPress, it’s kind of surreal how much we accomplished together. I’m definitely going to miss working and disagreeing with Michelle but I hope that she’s back contributing to THP very soon. If you want a quick and easy way to run through her blog posts, click right here. (I have so many favorites; good luck finding yours!)

So that’s basically it. A new look, a little bit more of me, and a bunch of surprises up my sleeve. I’m really truly so enthused to be writing about Disney again, and am especially psyched to get out my first Muppet Monday in a few days!

Just wanted to say a quick (and massive) thanks to Jeff and Sarah for their awesome support while relaunching, and of course to Magan for being entirely too amazing with her encouragement, her awesome blogging skills, and just about everything else.

Oh, right, and hi Dad. It’s back, don’t worry!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter if you don’t already. THP is at @happyplaceblog & I can be found @thatsostelle!

P.P.S The feed settings may have changed during the transition to wordpress so don’t forget to update your Google Reader to stay subscribed.

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