5 Things That Happened Since I Blogged Last

Just because my fingers haven’t been crazily typing for a few months (at least about Disneyish type things) doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading a million blogs or listening loyally to podcasts as I always do. The world of Disney is always buzzing. So here are just a handful of the moments I have deemed most noteworthy during THP’s 2-month nap…

1. Be Our Guest Podcast Meetup. I’m still constantly amazed by the friendships I’ve made in the Disney community, especially since I still think of myself as a newbie. If you remember back in the day, Michelle and I were featured on the WDWParkhoppers podcast, and around the same time so was Sarah from Running at Disney. In December, we had asked her if she wanted to contribute to our holiday blog feature and she said yes! This led to a lot of chatting between her & I. I remember listening to her podcast way back when and thinking how much we had in common. We were both from New Jersey, we had both recently married, she was a DVC member and I was kind of one (thanks parents), and we loved Disney. It’s a recipe for a friendship, that’s for sure. A few weeks ago, she was kind enough to invite me to hang out with her (and her hubby) and drive to Mohegan Sun and meet a bunch of other Disney fans from the BOGP forums she had come to know. It was a superbly awesome time, and I can’t wait to see these folks again! (Plus there were margaritas!)

2. We all know how Broadway news gets me giddy. My last few posts before the hiatus were all about Jeremy Jordan and his casting in Newsies. Now we are just weeks away from March 15th, its first preview at the Nederlander Theater. (Too bad the tickets are super pricey.) Disney has been doing a great job promoting the show though before it officially opens on March 29. Check out this video of Jeremy Jordan talking about his character, Jack Kelly. As if that’s not enough, Peter and the Starcatcher is also making its way to Broadway on March 28th with an opening night of April 15th. For now check out the show’s website for a pretty decent discount! Breaking news: Newsies is offering chances to get tickets through a lottery every night except opening night!

Peter & the Starcatcher

3. Okay, pop quiz. What’s the OTHER thing that makes me so excited? No, not margaritas. Although I do love them. How about the Muppets? Yay! The Muppets comes out on DVD/Blu-ray on March 20th! That means I can officially watch the movie 100 times. Or a billion. So excited about that. Let’s just hope the deleted seasons are plentiful. There are also lithographs if you order them on the Disney Store website or at the store. I like about one of them, which is what normally happens with these deals. But I’m buying it anyway.

4. Here was a favorite of mine… the fast pass drama. Don’t laugh at me. Or call me a goodie two shoes. Okay, you can if you want. But, um, we normally listened to the times on our fast passes when we went to the parks. And I still do. I’m not a person who likes to get yelled at or embarrassed at all so… I just kind of did what the ticket said. Apparently, though, a lot of guests don’t do that. That was news to me after I heard that on a podcast a few months ago, and now that Disney has said they are going to start adhering to the ticket times, it caused a little uproar. (Little as in whoa, were some of those comments insane!) I was happy to see that the folks over at CanaDisney agreed with me. I was starting to feel a little left out. Bottom line: this doesn’t change touring the parks for me at all.

5. And big drum roll for number 5. My favorite number as I mentioned earlier and a place of honor in my book. That would go to George (Imaginerding) and Jeff (Micechat) for their sparkley new video cast, Communicore Weekly. (And it’s not because they paid me $500. I swear.) They might only be six episodes in, but the video cast is funny, clever, and educational all at the same time.  And there is singing. Not Jeremy Jordan-caliber singing (Sorry Jeff) but still, it’s good! Really good with super catchy theme songs that may get stuck in your head. (You have been warned!) Be sure to follow/stalk them on Facebook or just click right over CommunicoreWeekly.com… and you are in luck, a new episode of theirs just came out two days ago!

And that’s that for today! Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday for the relaunch! It feels great to be back in action!

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