Cruisin from the Big Apple: Disney Cruise Booking Adventures

Nothing makes a Monday better than finalizing a Disney trip, don’t you think? My husband and I got pretty spoiled last year after three trips to WDW (including a 2-week honeymoon) and sadly, we knew this year would not see the same kind of luck. One of the main reasons is because of last year’s Disney Cruise announcement. James and I couldn’t pass up the chance of cruising out of New York City (how nice to not have to take a flight to Florida for once!), especially since we would be back on the same ship we took for our honeymoon. (Have I mentioned I’ve been on a Disney Cruise about 5 times and every time has been on the Magic?)

disney cruise line nyc
True story. This is my work computer wallpaper.

Anyway, we have just about 70 days left until our departure on the Magic, and we finally booked some excursions! The cruise spans 8 nights and stops at Nassau, Castaway Cay, and Port Canaveral for the day. That leaves us with just about 4 days at sea. The Port Canaveral destination provides us with free park hopper tickets as well as transportation to and from the parks starting early in the morninguntil about 11 in the evening. (This was a huge draw for us when it came to deciding to take the cruise at all.)

One of the first items checked off our list was booking a dinner at Palo, the adult-only restaurant on the ship. Not only have I heard raves all over the Disney community but one of the women seated with us during meals on our cruise last year had high, high praise for this place and it books up fast. All meals are basically covered once you are on the ship, but Palo charges $20 a person to dine (and drinks are not included). I am thoroughly excited about this!

palo, disney cruise line

I know a lot of cruisers aren’t too fond of Nassau in the Bahamas. I’ve been there once before, and I remember it being okay. (My parents booked me on a Teen Cruise one of those evenings, and whoa was that a bit of high school in the middle of vacation!) I have always been intrigued by Atlantis (even though I hear it is pretty pricey) so James and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and experience the best of both words. An Atlantis Beach Day. We’re simple people. We’ll sit on a beach all day, sipping margaritas, and reading. (Geeky but true.) Lunch is included and we still get to check out Atlantis.

James and I didn’t book any activities for Castaway Cay last year, and we are going to follow suit again this year. We did rent bikes and rode around the island, which was fun, and we plan on doing that again. Maybe we’ll just hang out at the Family Beach this time and not Serenity Bay. (We had no complaints about it but it would be nice to experience another beach, even if it is louder.)

castaway cay, disney private island

And then finally, Port Canaveral. Disney provides some other options like hanging out at Cocoa Beach or going to the Kennedy Space Center but how could we honestly go anywhere else? It’s going to be hard to narrow down everything we want to do in the parks for a mere 12 hours or so. James and I have already settled on the classics – Magic Kingdom and Epcot. One of the listed “Port Adventures” is an Epcot dessert party. We had so much fun the last time we had the opportunity to do this that we booked it right away. It’ll be a nice way to end our whirlwind of a Disney day, since, as you may know, Illuminations is my total fav!

One of the most giddy parts of Disney trip planning is booking restaurants. Sue me. I can’t help it. I absolutely love itineraries and the ability to book online is so much fun. I am aware how pathetic that sounds. So on Monday evening I decided to just go for it and I booked a lovely lunch for us at Liberty Tree Tavern (one of our favorites) and an earlyish dinner at La Hacienda (okay, fine another favorite). It’s a feat to just pick two but I don’t think my job would be too happy if I didn’t get back on the ship that evening. (har har)

As far as Disney Cruise planning, it seems we are well on our way to having a fantastic belated-anniversary trip! I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to wear a big hat, hang out in the sunshine, and sip the drink of the day!

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One thought on “Cruisin from the Big Apple: Disney Cruise Booking Adventures

  1. Yay! I’m so glad THP is back! And it looks so loverly. And I must say, anniversary vacations are SOOO worth it – I’m excited for you!!

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