A Pep Poem for Broadway’s NEWSIES

Now is the time! After much anticipation, Broadway’s NEWSIES starts previews today, March 15th! There’s been a slew of coverage all over the internet this week, and it’s quite exciting. I’m already anticipating reading through a bunch of tweets and message boards tonight and tomorrow to see what everyone thinks.

Great picture from Newsies Social Media team!

 Here are the facts:

  • The show officially opens on March 15th, and for now, will only run through June 10th. (Although apparently some of the “12 weeks only” headings have already started to disappear.)
  • For those who saw the Paper Mill Playhouse production (here’s my review), most of the cast has remained the same.
  • According to a tweet from Alan Menken himself, new music had been written and the story has been redone a bit since the Paper Mill performances.
  • There are currently no discounts for the show (Disney, you are killing me) BUT if you are able to get to the theater between 4:30 and 5pm, you can take part in the lottery. For more info go here.

And now, hold on to your newsboy caps, here is my NEWSIES poem. (Be kind.)

From one King of New York (it’s my married name)
to the actual Kings of New York:

It’s been six months since
I took a train from work and
first saw you at the Paper Mill

(And as further proven
Good things DO start
in Jersey [minus Snooki])

Which means it’s been
six months since I’ve been
introduced to the talents of

a certain Jeremy Jordan
(not the gay porn star)
And let me tell ya

I would follow that guy
Anywhere (Santa Fe?)
As long as he was singing

(Even if he was robbing
and killing people
Because Bonnie & Clyde rocked)

But now the newsboys
are officially hawking headlines
at the Nederlander Theater

Starting tonight at 8
And wink wink
Through June 10th only (sure)

Just as Billy Elliot pirouetted out
They’ll be tap dancing, swishing
and sliding on newspapers

To new songs by Alan Menken
With words by Jack Feldman
And a reconfigured script

A real love story!
A deeper Jack who can actually sing!

This Newsies is in
Many ways
The best version

Of “everyone’s” favorite
(Not mine)
Unpopular/flop movie

But I’m happy to be
A rah-rah cheerleader
For the stage version

As my ears (impatiently)
Wait for that
new cast album

So break some legs boys
Fight the good fight
Boys vs. THE man

The “underdogs”
are ready for 41st Street.
No day but today.

For information about tickets, be sure to visit the musical’s website, and follow them on Twitter (because they have some superb tweets & love their fans — which I like)!

Before I head out, here’s one of the videos I watched to inspire me (Kara Lindsay blows me AWAY in this):

And one from High School Musical because it says it all: THE BOYS ARE BACK.

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