Muppet Monday: Anticipation

So tomorrow The Muppets will officially be out for the world to see. On DVD, that is. I’m looking forward to wearing out my copy as soon as I can. (I cried so much during my one theater experience… I can’t wait to see it again in a less blurry manner.) I wanted to do something special to commemorate this special special occasion so I decided to channel my inner kindergartner and draw my favorite moments from the movie. (I will attempt to be as un-spoilerish as possible.)

1. Walter. How can you not love this kid? He is just all about the hope and love people have for the Muppets, and I’m so glad that he was introduced in this movie. He totally made it for me (and I could have actually used MORE Walter time). He’s super cute, a snazzy dresser, and he loves his brother and the Muppets. (And he has a Kermit watch!) I’m hoping Disney sees the millions of possibilities (theme park, movies wise, etc.) that could come with utilizing Walter. He’s the uber fan in all of us, has absolutely no shame, and I just love how real he is. (For a Muppet, of course.)

2. Rowlf’s first appearance. I know Rowlf looks super tired in this drawing. It’s probably because I had to redo this about 4 billion times because he is impossible to draw. And he’s my favorite so it saddened me. I love Rowlf in general but our first glimpse of him in the movie is pretty spectacular. I love how all the other Muppets are doing these super big things or have important jobs, and he’s just taking a nap in a hammock. It’s a pretty small detail but I laughed a lot nonetheless.

3. Pictures in my head. Cue the tears. As much as I loved all the other songs included in The Muppets, “Pictures in My Head” really stood out for me. I just think it was a really honest account of what happens to the Muppets in real life, and what was happening in this movie. Kermit who is always this gung-ho leader was feeling sort of helpless, which is especially hard when you have memories of your shining past all around you (and three strangers wanting to reunite the Muppets in your living room). I know a lot of people thought this movie was “too sad” and Kermit was “not himself” but if we are supposed to think of the Muppets as just another person walking down the street, why shouldn’t they have moments of real reflection?

4. The Rainbow Connection. By now I’m sure you’ve figured I’m a huge huge sap. So I basically cried a lot when they got to singing “The Rainbow Connection” because well, it’s a gorgeous song. To move away from the sappiness, it was also a nice throwback to the older Muppet films. (It was fun for me to actually KNOW a lot of these small throwbacks because I feel like a relatively new Muppet fan even though I’ve been watching them my whole life. If that makes sense. Now I feel like I have even more exposure and experience with them and it only enhanced my movie experience.)

5. Traveling by map. I’m going to end this Top 5 on a happy note! As a fan of road trips, I absolutely loved seeing so many of the Muppets crammed into one space especially when it came to tracking all their other pals who were halfway around the world. Oh, how I wish I could travel by map to work every single day. I would get less reading time, but perhaps my heart rate and stress meter would remain under control. Back to the movie, these were some of my favorite moments. They were funny and quirky and cute. What more can you ask for?

Confession: I drew Rowlf the Dog about 3 times (not a billion) and the first time, I tried to make it look like he was in a hammock. (I wanted to use my Vinyls for this instead, but my husband said that was cheating.) Um, so Rowlf either looked like he was a baby in a basket or he was being hanged. Which was sad. So I ripped that up into a million pieces and threw them around like confetti. The second time I spelt his name wrong with a stamp, and now we are left with the final product — which makes Rowlf look super sleepy. (He was staying up all night playing the piano! Give him a break!)

So thanks for dealing with my elementary school art skills. I hope they made you laugh on this Monday. And don’t forget about buying The Muppets! (They’ll also be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame tomorrow – what timing!)

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