Muppet Monday: For the Halibut (My Love of Penguins)

I have a confession to make.

Four years ago, I stumbled into some very dangerous territory.

An obsession with penguins.

I’m not exactly sure how it happened. But pretty soon I was throwing a penguin-themed birthday party for myself and watching one of my best friends and my soon-to-be husband make penguin cupcakes out of donut holes. Seriously.

So, of course, this has to mean I love the Muppety Penguins.

penguins, muppets
But perhaps for a whole other reason.

If you listen closely to the MuppetVision pre-show (which I’ve only seen a million times), Fozzie calls one of the penguins ESTELLE. (He also calls another Eugene.)

That’s my name. ESTELLE.

For once, people won’t associate it with a Golden Girl or that singer who just uses the name Estelle.

estelle getty sophia

No. Instead. I was named after a Muppety penguin. (Mom and Dad, are you hearing this?)

Now, I have no idea what Estelle the Penguin looks like.

penguins the muppets

What can I say… she likes to blend into a crowd.

the muppets movie poster
Mid-right… is that Estelle the penguin?!

Sometimes I think the Penguins are having the most fun in Muppet world; they get to play in the orchestra of a tour that nearly ends in disaster, they have a natural talent for ice skating and selling tuxes, plus they get thrown just about everywhere. They are like cats. They have nine lives. And both of them eat fish. (Anyone else think they are involved in a secret fish ring with Lew Zealand? It could happen!)

(Pictures: 1, 2, 3)

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