Signing On: A Disney Discovery

To be totally honest, when I first saw this:

I never thought I’d actually be living here for the past 3 years. (Yes, there’s a house behind that forest.)

I also never thought we would inherit this:

A privacy sign collection. For real.

Lovingly displayed in here:

The basement. Where we also acquired a thong, several bottles of liquor, a cat carrying case, and mold. (All of which we discarded and removed before we moved in… don’t worry.)

And it only took me 3 years to discover the best thing ever.

A little Disney history in our basement.


(Pictures are the front and back of the signs.)

Thanks to George from Imaginerding for pointing out that the second row of photos is actually from the Contemporary Resort, while the first is from the Polynesian.

(We heard from the owner’s daughter that her father was a model citizen and would always leave money in exchange for taking the privacy signs. I thought that was cute.)

You’ll know I’ll be keeping these for my scrapbook!

…I’m also a little sad that privacy signs are just not what they used to be in WDW.

For some reason I think it’s because if they were this cute, there wouldn’t be many left…


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