Members Only: Decisions, Decisions (Deciding to Go DVC)

Estelle’s note: So happy to welcome back Sarah in our first series since the relaunch. As a kid of DVC members, I know how much enjoyment I got out of staying in the villas for longer period of times.  In her upcoming posts, Sarah is going to share her own unique DVC experience.

Is the Disney Vacation Club right for you?

Right before this question started floating around my household, almost a year ago, my husband and I had taken a 5-night trip to Walt Disney World and stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter. We had a fantastic time and both loved this resort. The theming is fantastic and the ambiance at night is just breathtaking. However, we did find the resort noisy (a lot of people walking past our room at all hours of the night) and I missed having some sort of private outdoor space. Prior to this vacation, my husband and I had stayed at Saratoga Springs Resort for his first trip and then the Animal Kingdom Lodge for our honeymoon, both of which spoiled us with their offered amenities.

We had already planned on returning a few months later for the Destination D event in May 2011, so we were pricing out hotel rooms. Moderates were a bit pricey and we didn’t want to drop down to a value resort because of the smaller room size and full sized beds. We also always enjoy what the deluxe resorts have to offer, but they were now way out of our price range.

So we decided to consider the option of DVC.

Since I’ve always wanted to own a piece of the Disney magic, I started seriously looking into DVC as a way to spread out my vacation payments overtime. I began by researching numerous DVC sites and getting the lingo down. DVC is like learning a whole new language: points, use year, banking, borrowing, etc… What?! My head was spinning.

Luckily around that time, Disney was offering free webinars on DVC with follow up information sessions. The webinar was a bit boring, but I found the follow up session very helpful. My DVC advisor walked me through the buying process, helped to explain the different resort point values, what the dues cover, when payments are due, and how to use your points. I was able to ask a lot of questions and felt much better about what I would be getting from DVC. But I was still left with the initial question, is this right for me?

If you finding yourself in a similar situation, here are some things to consider:

  • Do you prefer deluxe resort accommodations?
  • Are you getting tired of commando park touring in order to see everything?
  • Are you looking to relax more when on vacation in a Disney Resort?
  • Would you like to make more frequent trips to the Disney Resorts?
  • Do you like to have a car or use Disney transportation?
  • Are you interested in any of the Adventures by Disney vacations?
  • Do you want to visit Aulani?
  • Will you save money on dining with the new Tables In Wonderland card available to DVC members for $100?
  • Will you get an Annual Pass with your DVC discount?
  • Will you use any of the additional DVC perks and discounts?
  • Are Disney Resorts your number one vacation destination?

As you probably already guessed, my husband and I answered yes to many of these questions, and so our adventure as DVC members began!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be bringing you more information on DVC including the resorts, point values, resale vs. direct buy, and much more.

And who knows… maybe you’ll be on your way to making your own DVC journey soon!

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