NEWSIES: Official Broadway Opening Tonight

Up until 6 months ago, I had never seen the movie Newsies (even though Michelle urged me to do so… it was in the middle of my Netflix queue). For some reason this didn’t stop me from being totally psyched about Newsies becoming a musical. I think it’s because I was just happy Disney was possibly bringing something new to Broadway. I had seen The Lion King (love!), Mary Poppins (eh), and Aida (triple love) but never made it for the short-lived Tarzan and The Little Mermaid. So even if the movie didn’t exactly woo me, seeing the final dress rehearsal at the Paper Mill Playhouse did it.

I was enthused and excited. (Even if I didn’t think it was perfect and ended up getting home at 2am that night.)

And (as you might have realized) followed the possibility of a Broadway opening pretty obsessively.

At this point, it’s no surprise it’s going to be a hit. After two days of previews, they already extended the run until August 19th. (I wonder how long before they make it open-ended.) There are rumors it is the show to beat when it comes to the Tony Award for Best Musical. And further proof, they haven’t had to come out with one discount for ticket buyers. (Which is a big sigh for me but a huge yay for them.)

While I’m pretty sure seeing this production of Newsies won’t top my ultimate theatre experience of the season (I can’t say enough glowing things about Once the Musical), what I do love about it is:

  1. Jeremy Jordan. Add him to the talented boys I’m obsessed with. I can’t get enough of a guy who can sing and dance and has the ability to suck me into a show. He is a powerhouse. Seriously.
  2. The love story. Let’s face it. The one in the movie was weak and hardly important. Here the chemistry is hot. And Kara Lindsay (she’s the Bill Pullman of the musical) is someone all girls can relate to.
  3. The underdogs can come together and triumph. What’s more rah-rah than that? You feel pumped and invested in these characters and their plight. Success may be around the corner but it takes time for them to get there.
  4. The dancing kicks ass. I’ve read some snarky comments that it’s the kind of dancing you see on reality TV. But I’m sorry, I’d like to see anyone pull out moves like that or slip and slide on newspapers and not fall on their bottoms. Good luck. It’s awesome. The end.
  5. Alan Menken and Jack Feldman wrote new music and improved upon the favorites from the film. (It’s really hard not to include “Seize the Day” in every post title I write about the musical.)
THIS is Jeremy Jordan.

This is just my little way of saying “break a leg” to the cast and crew.

I can’t wait to get to the Nederlander myself and experience Newsies again!

…stay tuned for a round-up of my favorite quotes from the reviews tomorrow! Eek!

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