Let the Adventure Begin: AKA Month

In just a few weeks, Animal Kingdom theme park will be celebrating its fourteenth birthday. I know, I know. 14 isn’t 15, or even 20. But hey, we celebrate a birthday each year so why shouldn’t this park? The truth is… I’m a little tired of hearing people talk smack about DAK. I’ve heard so many variations of how it is a “half-day park” or the fun comment where others want to pretend it doesn’t even exist.

Well, it does.

And I, for one, am going to shout hooray and celebrate its existence! So for the rest of the month here at THP, we’re going to be posting various blogs about DAK and finally spread the love. I’m calling it AKA for Animal Kingdom Appreciation.

…Look for our first post in this series a little later today.



P.S. Happy birthday Dad!

5 thoughts on “Let the Adventure Begin: AKA Month

  1. I visited Disney World in ’97 and was so bummed that this opened the next year and I still have never been back to see it. My goal is for my family to have a reunion where we all meet in Florida since it is a good half way point from Sweden and California and I am sure my family would love this park so much!

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