A Wild (Full) Day at Animal Kingdom: 3

Welcome back, travelers!

Getting tired? Don’t you worry! We are about to do some sitting. Let’s walk on over to Camp Minnie and Mickey.

Festival of the Lion King
Also known as my mom’s favorite. In the hottest days of the summer, we would stand on very long lines to see this show. You know that means it’s special because no amount of water spritzing from fans provided any relief while waiting for a show we had seen before. Festival of the Lion King is like a little bit of Broadway in the middle of the forest. It’s runs about a half hour long with audience participation, tumbling monkeys, acrobatics, and some very talented singers (many of whom end up on Broadway!).

Meet Mickey
I know, I know. If we went to the breakfast, we’ve probably already seen the Big Cheese. But this is a great opportunity to share some one on one time with the busiest mouse around and also a few of his other friends. (Once, I got a picture with Thumper over here. I had never seen Thumper in the park before! Get your autograph books out!)

Tough to be a Bug
Your legs probably need another rest. There are many things I love about this imaginative 3D show even if A Bug’s Life is not one of my favorite Pixar movies. 1) You get an up close and personal look at the Tree of Life and its gorgeous carvings. 2) The buggy Broadway posters decorating the waiting area for the show are brilliant. 3) Flik is the host! It’s funny, smelly, and can be kind of painful (watch your tush!) but it’s a must-do in the Animal Kingdom.

Afterwards, take a minute or two to check out some of the animals hanging out on Discovery Island.

We’re almost there! I guarantee it went by faster than an 8-hour work day, and we didn’t even accomplish everything in the park.

My favorite way to leave Animal Kingdom is to spend some time gazing at the animals around The Oasis. What do I like the most? The birds. (It’s probably because we studied the rainforest so much as a kid.) The cast members are also around, ready to chat about the animals surrounding them or answer some questions. My husband and I spent quite a bit of time learning about the Babirusa (“pig deer”) from a cast member. (We were also enjoying our Safari Amber ales so it was an interesting kind of educational moment.)

And there you have it. The day is done, the sun is probably still out, and you have time for a nap, a quick dip in the pool, and a brilliant dinner at another park.


(I’m channeling Buddy the Elf right now.)


And that ladies and gentlemen is what you need for a fun FULL-DAY at Animal Kingdom.

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