A Wild (Full) Day in Animal Kingdom: 2

And we’re back!

Let’s get into the mood a bit:

You might be a little hungry now that we’ve spent a good three hours hanging out in Disney’s Animal Kingdom so far. Let’s head straight to the Anandapur Local Food Cafe outside of the Yak & Yeti for some egg rolls, maybe a shared plate of Honey chicken, and most definitely a Safari Amber ale — my favorite beer option offered in the theme parks.

Let’s take a jaunt towards Dinoland, walk off those egg rolls, and take time to savor that beer because it’s showtime!

Finding Nemo: the Musical
Now this show isn’t for everyone… just ask my dad. It’s one of his favorite places to nap. But I believe this to be one of the best live shows in the theme parks. I love the costumes, the singers are awesome, and the music is cute. You may have to wait a bit in line, and the show runs about 30 minutes so this could take a good chunk of your time, but it’s worth it!

Back in the day, I remember when this attraction was called COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION. And then that movie came out (that I still haven’t seen) and they renamed it. A simulator ride that has a fun backstory (or so I think), this is a must-do. The big kids like my husband and I aren’t exactly going to dig in the dirt in The Boneyard and the lines are always pretty demanding when it comes to Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama amusement park so this is it. In Dinoland, that is. I love the pre-show area as well. Lots to look at and listen to. (Plus in the summer, that AC feels so freaking good!) Hold on to your hats and good luck finding that dino!

Let’s head back around toward Everest to (hopefully) redeem those fast passes. You better hurry because we have a late lunch reservation at the Yak & Yeti.

Yak & Yeti

The restaurant should be renamed Yum & Yum. For real. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney World, and it never disappoints. I tend to get adventurous when it comes to this menu or else I would just order the same meal every single time. If you don’t want a Safari Amber ale (gasp!), there are always some fun fruity drinks to feast on. For an appy, I love the lettuce cups. For my entree, I’m a huge fan of the egg rolls and the honey chicken. For dessert, the fried wontons. You will have to ask your waitress to roll you out. I’m serious. If he or she is cool, she’ll remind you to take a beer to go (which my husband and I did the last time).

Right now, we’re feasting at the perfect time. Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle parade is about to start and you can see it from the top floor window. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check back in a little later for the last part of our tour!

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