Muppet Monday: Bein’ Green

This weekend, the husband and I took a little road trip to Mystic, Connecticut to visit the Mystic Aquarium. It was the perfect trip to take during Earth Day weekend and amongst all this appreciation of the Animal Kingdom. (A little cheaper than getting to Florida from New York too.)

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed.

This frog did not pick up a banjo and start singing. (Actually, he hardly moved.)

These penguins all hung out together but did not jump up into the air or play a tune. (They did swim a little bit and two of them almost got into a fight.)

The Swedish Chef was nowhere to be found at this exhibit. (We didn’t even have lobster for dinner!)

Even at breakfast I was a little disappointed when Dr. Honeydew ended up being:

So the moral of the story is… if you want to see animals just sitting and sitting and maybe swimming and ignoring your existence, go visit the Mystic Aquarium. For all other animal antics, watch the Muppet Show.

Here’s what I was hoping I would see this weekend:

This is a song Kermit performed on Sesame Street in 1986. Perhaps the Mystic Aquarium needs to hire some animals with a little bit of talent (and fashion sense).

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