The Mysteries of Disney Cruise Line

In just about 3 weeks, James and I will be sailing away on one of the first Disney Cruise itineraries from New York City! While I make a mental checklist and slowly count the minutes until VACATION, I can’t help but wonder what is in store for us when we sail with the Big Cheese on the high seas. Sure, we’ve both been on the Magic before and have a good handle on what our trip will be like but there are still details that are left unknown until we get on the ship. So here are five things I’m wondering about:

1. Being that this is the first time Disney Cruise line is sailing out of New York and it is only for a limited time, will there be any NY-centric activities on board? I’m not sure what this could entail but I’m imagining a rousing rendition of New York, New York with top hats and maybe an appearance by the Naked Cowboy.

naked cowboy nyc (Source)

2. During our honeymoon last March, we were lucky enough to have Bobby Podesta, a supervising animator at Pixar as the “big kid” entertainment. He ran a drawing class, and gave two interesting/fun lectures to the 18 and up crowd. (It was kind of funny how James and I kept running into him everywhere.) Disney always has an employee from somewhere in the company take part in this cruise feature. I don’t know if it can get better than Bobby Podesta but here’s hoping… My guesses?

From left to right: Sam Champion from Good Morning America, Kermit the Frog (he is the NYC Family Ambassador, after all), Alan Menken (can you imagine?), and Mike Greenberg (from ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning).

3. How about other important stuff like what movies will be playing at the Buena Vista Theater on board? Disney Cruise Line offers first run movies and 3D movie experiences. With The Avengers recent release, I’m almost positive that will be playing. It could be a stretch but maybe The Muppets? And John Carter.

4. Let’s talk dinner. Every night we’ll rotate between 3 restaurants (Lumiere’s, Parrot Cay, and Animator’s Palette) but as a party of 2, we don’t sit by ourselves. Last time we sat with a young couple, and 2 pairs of moms with their sons. Every dinner was a lot of fun and we always had a lot to say. This is really all you can hope for. The last thing you want is to feel awkward every time you sit down to a meal. So I guess it’s pretty natural to wonder if we’ll all hit it off this time. (Luckily we booked one dinner at Palo — so we can escape if we need to.)

Will there be cream puffs for breakfast again?

5. Will I finally become the champion of Disney music trivia? It was a heartbreaker of a game last time. I got every question correct except for ONE bonus question — what year was Snow White released? I’m going to be ready this time and beat that unassuming person in the back of the room.

And for a bonus, how many books will I finish? Last time it was about 4. I think I can beat that. We do have an extra night this time.

Gorgeous sunset from the ship.

In addition to figuring out just what dresses I’m going to pack, I have all of these thoughts on my mind.

Can you tell I need a vacation? (And that I might be a tad bit excited?)

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