Cramming It All In: 13 Hours in WDW

There have been some major discussions going on in our household lately.

Most importantly, this one: Once we arrive in Florida on Day 6 of our Disney Cruise, what will we do with our 13 hours in the theme parks?

What’s the big deal, right? We already decided months ago we would be visiting Magic Kingdom and Epcot. We know it could turn into a one-day marathon if we don’t set some boundaries. But still. This is the first time I’ve ever visited the parks without having a resort to escape to, which means:

– No swimming in the middle of the day.
– No extra magic hours.
– The realization we are only in WDW for a day.

So even if I consider our two dining reservations — Liberty Tree Tavern & La Hacienda — and the Dessert Party we booked as a “Port Adventure,” that leaves us with only 8 hours. (I’m being generous and allowing us 2 hours each for our meals.)

This is what we are thinking:

– Go straight to the Magic Kingdom (and collect 200 dollars).
– Grab some grub.
– Visit the attractions we didn’t see on our last visit in November (Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room), explore Storybook Circus, enjoy our first Citrus Swirl, and head toย some of our favorites (Pirates, Space Moutain, Carousel of Progress, Haunted Mansion).
– Have our lunch and peace out.

So that should bring us to about 1pm. I want to ride the monorail to Epcot.

And this is where we hit an impasse.

I really want to head over to Hollywood Studios to check out the new Muppet display in the Stage One Store. (Am I pathetic or what?) My husband agreed, under one condition:

He wants me to go on Tower of Terror.

I will go on Expedition Everest three times in a row, and love Rockin’ย Rollercoaster, but for some reason I’ve become terrified of Tower of Terror.

This whole debacle is still up for debate.

So if we haven’t turned into Estelle and James puddles, we will head over to Epcot and just spend the day roaming around, checking out whatever attractions we can. One stop we do want to make is at:

tuttogustoย (source)

Afterwards, we’ll roll over to La Hacienda to continue our tour of food and drink. Yum!

Then we end the night with dessert, Illuminations, and someone trying to ungrip my hands from the nearest bench, attraction, or lamppost so that I can be dragged back on the shuttle to the ship.

As long as my heart doesn’t pang for the Safari Amber ale and Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom, I may actually get around to following this plan.

But oh, it is tough to say no.

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