Muppet Monday: The Year of the Pig

As Muppet fans, we know that Miss Piggy is a big deal.

miss piggy


Basically because she won’t let us forget it.

But I had no idea that we have yet another thing to thank her for.

At the end of every December, I get a little giddy knowing it is time to pick out a new calendar. Do I want to stare at Justin Bieber this year, the Glee Cast, or Snoopy and Friends? It’s always such a tough decision, especially when it comes to picking out an appropriate work calendar.

But did you know that without Miss Piggy the desire to start the year off with the perfect personality calendar would not exist?

That’s right.

Miss Piggy is the personality calendar pioneer, starting with the first one in 1980 simply called the Miss Piggy Calendar.

This gal had a whole team of people behind her to make it a hit. Photographers (Nancy Moran & Donal Holway), a consultant (Frank Oz), and a wardrobe designer (Calista Hendrickson).

Some shots from 1980 calendar from Jim Henson The Works.

The success led to four other calendars, and Miss Piggy’s true star quality became more and more relevant.

Michael K. Frith, who conceptualized and directed the making of the calendars, called Miss Piggy “the Cindy Crawford of her day.”

 (link to full article)

Miss Piggy doesn’t do anything half-assed (as if you didn’t know).

Maybe I’m just jaded by the calendar selection these days because who knew the possibility to win awards based on this work was possible? But back in 1980, The Miss Piggy Calendar 1980 received a Merit Award from Art Direction magazine, another from the Art Director’s Club, and a Certificate of Distinction from Art Direction magazine.

Just further proof that in a world where a frog and pig can fall in love, a gal who loves donuts and high style can rise to the top.

Just another day in the life of a celeb.

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