Adventures in Packing (Disney Cruisin’)

With just about a week before we set sail on the Disney Magic, it’s just about time to dig out my suitcase and start packing. Oh packing. I’ll admit my last few trips to WDW (including our honeymoon) I have become a night before packer. I’m not proud of it. I always have every intention in the world of packing the week before my trip and it just never happens. Clothes are thrown everywhere, I realize I forgot to pick something up at the store… and in general things are a mess.

In fact, fun story, the night before our honeymoon (the day after our wedding), my brain was just about fried and I waited until the evening to start packing. It was difficult because we were doing a week in the parks, then a week on the cruise and had to pack everything in one bag (preferably) since we were flying down to Florida first. I legit packed and repacked my suitcase 3 times… staying up until 1am and fitting in a 2-hour nap before we were picked up for the airport.

It was sort of nightmarish.


So I am promising myself in this public place (hi Dad) that I will start packing this weekend. I do have an extra day. I can do this.

Here are my musts for Disney Cruise packing:

1. Clothing (and the Truth about Formal Night)

Most days I wear my bathing suit with a cover over it. So that eliminates a lot of extra packing. For dinner, I wear sundresses and then there is FORMAL NIGHT. It’s “optional” but you will see guests wearing tuxes, gowns, and then jeans and t-shirts. (It’s just about one extreme to another.) I dress somewhere in the middle and it works out fine. (There are a ton of photo opportunities during dinner, especially on FORMAL NIGHT so it’s good to be prepared if you want to get your family dolled up for some pretty shots.

Note: Even though Donald tends to take certain liberties, I’m pretty sure pants are required for all guests.

2. I’m a Bag Lady

So in addition to my suitcase and my actual purse, I bring a beach bag (for spending time near the pool), and a wristlet (a Dooney & Bourke Disney one of course!) that I carry around with me everywhere on the cruise (it also accompanies me to dinner). After getting on a bicycle for the first time in about 12 years and being weighed down by my beach bag, I decided I need to bring a smaller back pack this year so that the young kids don’t ride faster than me on Castaway Cay. (I’m competitive, what can I say?)

3. Charge it

You may not be able to use your phone for most of your cruise (ah the best and worst thing about being out to sea) but it would be so like me to forget my charger for my Nook, my iPod, or most importantly, my camera. So I’d say those chargers are just as important as sunscreen. (Expect you could buy sunscreen in the gift shop if you happened to forget it… even if you do pay an arm and a leg.)

4. Cheers

Since James and I are locals hopping on this cruise without having to fly anywhere, we are going to bring some of our own alcohol on board. While our beverages can’t be consumed in public areas, it’ll be nice to grab a drink when we are in our room. All alcohol is considered a “fragile item” and needs to be carried on with dimensions not exceeding 22″ wide, 14″ high and 9″ deep. Luckily we have a week to do the math on that.

banana bread beer

(This is my newest beer obsession!)

5. Pirate Loot

One night during the cruise is dubbed Pirates IN the Carribean, and you are encouraged to dress like a pirate at dinner. Last year, we had no idea this night existed and were not prepared. (Surprise, surprise… there was a ton of merchandise you could buy on the ship for that night in particular.) Well at least I packed a red dress that matched the bandana our server made me wear. (He put it on me.) The night includes tons of food, fireworks, a show on the main deck, and more. (I think there was a chocolate party at midnight but we missed it. NOT THIS TIME.) So basically don’t forget to pack your eye patches, striped clothes, and hoop earrings. I’m ready this time!

As you can see, this is the ONE time my husband was fashionably prepared & I was not.

So packing… I should probably press publish and get on that. But first, I shall do some laundry!

Happy Friday!

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