Muppet Monday: Sam-tastic Memorial Day

sam the eagle

Happy Memorial Day!

I tried to get Sam the Eagle to guest post today but he’s a little busy with his 3-hour finale saluting all nations (but especially America), judging an apple pie contest, leading a marching band in John Philip Sousa tunes, and watching every baseball game that’s on TV today.

No matter how much I tried to tell him it was for the good of America, he just couldn’t fit me in.

After I cried some red white and blue tears, I decided to be vigilant and hold my head up tall just as Sam would want me to.

And because Sam has certain standards like good, clean fun — I’m going to perpetuate those as well.

To all of you who are enjoying your day off today, I hope you take the time to remain appreciative for family, friends, and for those who we may not know who help us enjoy our freedoms every day.

Be sure to take some time for this musical interlude:

At least I know one other person in the world who is worse at karaoke than I am.

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